Fela Durotoye, former presidential aspirant dubs #EndSARS protesters ‘Generation of promise’

Fela Durotoye, former presidential aspirant dubs #EndSARS protesters ‘Generation of promise’

Fela Durotoye, a former presidential aspirant has joined notable celebrities and elites who have captivating words to define those agitating against police brutality and a transition in the country.


Fela Durotoye has dubbed these collective individuals a ‘Generation of promise’.


In his lengthy Instagram post, the life coach and former presidential candidate noted that these group of young men and women will be the ones to change Nigeria.


He stated that this is just the beginning; Durotoye went on to mention that something great will emanate from the ongoing protest.

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Here is what he wrote on Instagram;

“I call them the “GENERATION OF PROMISE” because I KNOW they will lead us out of this wilderness into our ‘promised land’.

To be clear, they don’t need our leadership…

They need our prayers; our encouragement and our support ~ financial support, logistics support, emotional and psychological support.

They are smart … Yes, they are bold … They are resolute & dogged …

Specifically, They know how to leverage technology to mobilize themselves … and most of all, they are UNITED in their purpose to deliver the nation we all desire.”



Fela Durotoye continued;

“They are a generation of leaders determined to get what they want…

A nation that works for ALL of us.

They will help us find the way out of this rot & quagmire … The will lead the way to the promised land … and if we follow their lead, we all will get to the Nigeria of our dreams; a great nation that God has blessed and so richly endowed.

So let us humble ourselves and LET THEM LEAD … and if they need a leader, one or more amongst them will emerge. If they need our counsel, they will ask for it.

Right now, just give them all the support & encouragement they need. Let us stand by them, stand with them and stand behind them.

This generation WILL deliver the future that we have prayed for … cried for … and died for.

God bless this “Generation of Promise”…

God bless Nigeria 🇳🇬



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