Fitness myths people think are true, but here’s the reality

Fitness myths people think are true, but here’s the reality


Trying to get that chiseled physique or just being fit is a journey during which you will come across several myths and half-truths.


How much to eat, what to eat, when to exercise and when not tot to — there are numerous theories floating around.


But here, we separate fact from fiction and tell you what all to keep in mind when trying to achieve your fitness goals.



Myth 1: Weight training means getting bulky


Just by lifting weights you’re not going to turn into a beefy, muscle-bound hulk. For that, you shall have to make major changes in your nutrition plan and take expert advice. What weight training does, however, is make you look sharper and fitter.


Myth 2: Muscle is converted to fat if not used


Muscle is made of protein while fat comprises lipids, and chemically they can’t convert to one another. What does happen, however, is that muscle vigour decreases if you don’t continue to lift weights.


Myth 3: Exercise only in the morning


Whether you work out in the morning or evening, what matters is not the time, but your regularity. The one advantage of exercising in the morning of course is that you are free for the rest of the day to do other things and don’t need to think of hitting the gym later in the day.


Myth 4: Don’t exercise for less than an hour


It is the efficiency and regularity of your workouts that matter, and not how long you do it. Even if you exercise for 20 minutes daily, your fitness levels will improve over time.


Myth 5: Ab exercises are what will get you a sculpted stomach


Only doing ab exercises will not get you that six pack you crave for. Cardio along with a proper plan aimed at getting six packs is what is important, along with controlling your diet.


Myth 6: Run barefoot

There are a lot of theories floating around which say that running barefoot is more natural and hence better for you. However, this isn’t true, and basic common sense suggests that shoes are what will protect you from running into a lot of injuries and also avoid stones and objects on your path from hurting your feet.

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Myth 7: Avoid weights after 40


As people age, they tend to believe that they should avoid lifting weights because they’re not strong enough. The truth, however, is that weight and resistance training promotes bone growth. You should make sure that you are lifting weights under proper supervision.




Fitness myths people think are true, but here’s the reality



Myth 8: The more you sweat, the more you burn


The amount you sweat is not directly proportional to the number of kilos you lose. Confused? Consider this example, on an extremely hot day you could end up sweating a lot, but while running in your gym on the treadmill with the AC-controlled temperature, you might not sweat a lot.


Myth 9: Coconut water is the best energy drink


You might be seeing a lot of favourable information out there regarding coconut water and how should have it during workouts. But the truth is that you should not replace it with an energy drink. Energy drinks are supposed to provide you with potassium, which is low in coconut water. It is, however, an excellent choice for hydration.



Myth 10: Fast before doing cardio


It is always advisable to eat something before your cardio sessions, as it will help supply energy which is crucial during your workout. Of course, there should be a time gap between eating and starting your cardio. Never eat and start running immediately.



Myth 11: Pain means you’re doing good

Don’t think that experiencing pain all the time means your workouts are going great. Pain which carries on for days on end could be a signal for something else and you should get it checked by a professional immediately to rule out anything serious.

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