Folabi Mabogunje: May we not die when our soup is done! – Peju Akande

Folabi Mabogunje: May we not die when our soup is done! – Peju Akande



The story of Folabi Mabogunje is one that brings tears to the eyes…



My mother told me a story about a woman who was preparing a feast for her family. She spent so much time getting all the needed ingredients at the market. Hours later, she back home, weary but determined to ensure her family, who had all gone out for the day, came back to a feast!



She labored in the kitchen for hours, ensuring a rich spread of sumptuous dishes that ranged from local to continental. She dished them out and placed them on the dinner table. Then suddenly, the family dog came, chasing a rat that had been a pest in the family house. The dog chased the rat around the kitchen and under the table the woman had laid the spread of food… and before you could shout, “Jack,” the dog had upturned the table; dragging with it the table cloth and spilling all the dishes of food in a complete mess…Not one could be rescued!



This is story that came to mind when I read about the murdered cyclist, Folabi Mabogunje; who was attacked by mongrels posing as human beings early in the morning of September 9, 2021. An avid cyclist, Mabogunje was reported to be waiting for his cycling friends at Shodex Garden in Anthony, Lagos.




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Unfortunately for him, two stray dogs saw him as easy picking. They attacked from behind, stabbing him on the neck him with a knife…What did these mongrels want? Mabogunje’s phone!



A phone they would later sell off for a lot less than half of what it’s worth…They took a human life for that!


In a post I read of this fatal attack, “…stabbing him on both sides of the neck, rt side of his chest and left arm. In the right side, a gory wound got the internal jugular vein apart from other structures…while struggling/ fighting off the guys, his phone dropped. They grabbed it, jumped on a waiting motor cycle and sped off. He was gushing out blood with each contraction of the right atrium. He needed help, got on his bicycle, held it with one hand…”


Folabi Mabogunje didn’t die immediately. He fought to stay alive. He managed to hold his bleeding neck and got close to where people could help call his wife. She came (I can’t imagine the horrors must have raced through her mind); took him right to the hospital…but the system failed him.


First, there were several obstacles at the Gbagada General hospital where his wife rushed him to. From the absence of cardiothoracic surgeon to lack of blood…When they then decided to rush him to LASUTH (Lagos State University Teaching Hospital), Folabi Mabogunje was still alive!



Like the carefully prepared meal upturned by the dog in the story; Folabi Mabojunge had reached a point where he should be reaping the rewards of his labour. He was, like they say, about to start enjoying the soup he had labored to prepare over the years. His life, like a carefully and tastefully prepared pot of soup, was upturned by dogs; who, even if you catch them will never understand the gravity of their crimes.


Folabi Mabogunje was at the cusp of a new phase of life; with his children done with school and no worries about school fees. All he wanted to do for the rest of his life was to love his wife and enjoy his life doing what he loved doing; bicycling with friends, staying fit, eating healthy meals and generally being a good neighbor to his fellow man…And of course waiting to bounce his grandkids on his knees.



He will never get to do any of these.


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Folabi Mabogunje: May we not die when our soup is done! – Peju Akande



He was murdered for a phone he wouldn’t even have thought twice to replace if stolen. The dogs who killed him have no idea the damage they have done to Mabogunje’s family and friends; because you see, since they are always busy chasing rats; a man’s labour, a man’s life and future means nothing to them.



May the soul of the departed cyclist rest in peace.

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