Foluke Daramola: ‘Veterans get depressed when forgotten’

Foluke Daramola: ‘Veterans get depressed when forgotten’

Nollywood actress, Foluke Daramola has stated that veterans often times get depressed when they are neglected.


In her words, veterans suffer depression when forgotten.


During her session with a correspondent, the Nollywood actress stated that her aim and objective in the industry is to aid veterans feel celebrated.


Speaking, Foluke Daramola had this to say;

My main purpose is to attract publicity for elderly actors. 

I decided to celebrate their birthdays pending when I have my major event.

I have always said that a lot of these aged actors are facing depression.

Some don’t die just because they are old but being once active and suddenly not being active anymore could be a painful experience for them.”


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She continued;

“Sometimes, it is not about the money that I or any other person gives them.

It is a matter of showcasing them so that their talent is still appreciated.

I can tell you as a movie director that there is a place for these aged veterans in the movies we make.”


When asked why she did not enlist the support of other colleagues, the actress said;

“I left the ‘Nolly veteran SOS Project 2019’, an offshoot of Passion Against Rape and Abuse in Africa Foundation open to a lot of people so that we could all help.

But, the truth is that our goals are not the same.

My husband believes in me so he has continued to help me in that path.

I believe that a nation without heroes is a nation without history.

We don’t have many icons that we look up to now. 

The ones alive are meant to be celebrated and we should all look out for them.

These veterans are giving up and dying in penury.

Growing up, I held these people in high esteem because their works and skills were worthy of emulation.

I should also state that some actors personally reach out to some veterans.

They support them from time to time without going public about it.”

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