For the first time, I blame the devil – Peju Akande

For the first time, I blame the devil – Peju Akande





There are certain issues in which we have no choice than to blame the devil. Two years ago, my partner was invited to give a valedictory speech at a school somewhere in Ogun state. Part of his speech that day dwelt on challenges kids will face on the outside once they leave school and their parents homes.


He encouraged them to remain focused; while instructing that they refrain from ‘making life damaging mistakes.’



What a prayer so urgent for now!





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Life damaging mistakes don’t come looking like life damaging mistakes. If not, we would all take off upon sighting them. In fact, they come disguised like other things in life; chance, opportunities, events…everyday activity that sometimes leave indelible marks, forever.



And so it was when it happened to Eyitolowa Olayeye; the boy who killed his own mother in a hotel in Austin, America.


What’s worse, he cannot even recollect the moment he committed the crime; can’t tell what made him kill his beloved mother; nor can he tell the world what led him to strangle her to death. This boy is marked!



Blame the devil, right?



Eyitoluwa swears he blacked out and I want to believe him because he was neither on drugs; nor was there a previous fight between mother and son. He was not a member of any group nor was he on a revenge mission against his mum; or anyone for that matter.




Did he hear voices in his head?


Who knows?


Is he pretending not to remember what happened between him and his mum that night?





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We may never know.


Did he truly black out?


I know a thing or two about blackouts.


Those who know this boy up close – and I know quite a few – swear he is the salt of the earth. They say he is kind, respectful, gentle and would never lift a finger against his mother, Kehinde Olayeye; or any human being.



Kehinde, his mum was, and still is, described by friends and relatives as a fantastic mother; a helper, listener to her children, their supporter and pillar of her home…So, what happened?



She was praying over his sleeping form when he sprang up and murdered her.








A lot of theories have been postulated; some say Eyitoluwa must have been on drugs; perhaps he experimented with certain drugs and these got into his brain. But no drugs were found in his system after he was arrested!



Some also theorized that he must have been a mental case; citing pressure from school. These ones claim the boy couldn’t cope and so became mental. However, the boy has no history of mental illness, neither do his parents; and even when his behaviour was deemed erratic; he was taken to the hospital for evaluation and later released, (did the doctors miss something there?)




And yet some said okay, maybe not mental. Maybe he broke under the strain of maintaining his record as an A student in school. Nevertheless, his mother had assured him he could leave school if that was his choice.



In fact, she had travelled to Austin to take him home to Atlanta where she resided.



So why did a seemingly quiet, well behaved boy, who loved his mother to bits; kill the object of his affection and can’t even remember doing it?




For the first time, I blame the devil - Peju Akande



This is where I blame the devil.



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I have often mocked rapists, robbers, murderers who finger the devil as the culprit for their actions and many times it’s been pretty easy to see through their sham; their bare faced lies and catch them but with Eyitoluwa…



Nothing adds up except the devil theory; the mischief maker, the liar and deceiver of mankind.



As a mother of a 20-year-old son; I know first-hand the bond that can exist between a mother and her son. I know that the first person a boy often falls in love with is his mother; especially the type friends and family say existed between of Kehinde and Eyitoluwa.



Thankfully, this was also corroborated by Eyitoluwa’s father at the burial service which was streamed live. He spoke about the strong bond between mother and son.



Most sons listen to their mothers! This is an empirical truth especially in our part of the world. Indeed, this unspoken bond between mother and son also applies to many fathers and their daughters



It is doubly painful that the turmoil in Eyitoluwa’s mind right now can only be calmed by one person at this period, his mother. She’s the only person who can help him find meaning; talk him through this storm, assure him of her support.



This is not saying his father can’t do same but a mother, especially one the son is close to; is more often than not, better suited for this kind of emotional upheaval. Alas, she can’t be reached any more!



The devil theory became even stronger for me when I read Eyitoluwa was quoted to have said, he didn’t have any reason to kill his mother. And indeed, there is no reason for Kehinde to be dead.



Eyitoluwa knew his mum had come to help him through a crisis he was facing at school. So what triggered his violence against her?


She prayed over him.


As Nigerians, we have seen our mothers pray over us. It’s what mothers do, fathers as well, we pray over our children…



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Kehinde leaned over to pray for her son. After hearing him pour his heart out to her, she assured him all would be well. She knew her son’s battles, she understood his fears. So, she called on a higher power to help her son…but the boy got up in a rage; attacked his mother and murdered her



Now, let me hear you say there was no devil in this!

Lilian Osigwe

Osigweh Lilian Oluchi is a graduate of the University of Lagos where she obtained a B.A (Hons) in English, Masters in Public and International affairs (MPIA). Currently works with 1stnews as a Database Manager / Writer.
Lilian Osigwe

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