Young Nigerian making drones with local materials hired abroad

Young Nigerian making drones with local materials hired abroad

The talents of a young Nigerian guy making drones from local materials have paved the path for him, as a foreign corporation has not only expressed interest in him but also hired him.

Ignatius Asabor, a Nigerian youngster who builds customized drones out of locally sourced components; was flown to Finland by a company.

He was also also hired by the same company.

Breaking the news on LinkedIn, the Managing Director of Finland-based Radai Ltd Ari Saartenoja likewise expressed joy at having young Asabor work with his company.

Ari shared a photo of the genius on arrival in Finland, Oulu; while also noting that Asabor will strengthen the survey operations of his team in the future.

He wrote:

“Ignatius Asabor, young Nigerian drone talent has just arrived to Finland, Oulu. Ignatius will strengthen Radai’s survey team in future and bring more international expertise in the field surveys. “Welcome Ignatius Asabor to Radai team!”

The last creation by Asabor before he left the country is a 65 inches wind span trainer plane; converted to a crop duster which according to him is useful in farming as well as dusting of crops.

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Nigerians hailed the company as well as the young genius.

Augustine Ikenwa remarked:

“Congratulations to ignatius Asabor, and also thank you Ari Saartenoja for believing in his dreams and talent.”

Godwin Nwafor said:

“Congratulations to you ignatius Asabor; and, also, most importantly to you, Ari Saartenoja for believing him and giving him an opportunity!!!

“For you, ignatius Asabor, soar and conquer. Bravo!!!”

Daniel Ohemu Ojile commented:

“Congratulations to the Radai Team. “The future is brighter…Proud of you ignatius Asabor, and kudos to Ari Saartenoja. “Ari Saartenoja, Joshua Olaiya is also a special young talent. He always showcases his works on this platform. You may check up on him too. Could be a wonderful addition to the Radai future project. “Cheers to a bigger Radai!

Michael Bukola reacted:

“Congrat bro and kudos also to you sir for giving him opportunity to showcase his experience to the world. God bless Radai.”





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