Forget Twitter and TB Joshua, Nigerians are tired – Peju Akande

Forget Twitter and TB Joshua, Nigerians are tired – Peju Akande

Last week, the Federal Government of Nigeria suspended Twitter in the count.



The temporary suspension of Twitter has no definite time limit.



Temporary in Nigerian terms can be one day to one year or more… But that is not the koko of the matter.




The news is that Nigerians are still tweeting like canaries and downloading VPNs left, right and centre; defying the government’s ban. The FG realizing that it may have shot itself in the leg over this call for temporary ban is still not the koko. (They are discovering banning Twitter isn’t going be by executive fiat).



Forget Twitter and TB Joshua, Nigerians are tired – Peju Akande




In fact, the news that Islamic State West African Province (ISWAP) militant group has confirmed the death of Abubakar Shekau; leader of the rival Islamist group, Boko Haram, is not the news.




The great Shekau, who poked the FG in the eye several times, in the last 12 years is dead!


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The mastermind behind the over thirty thousand deaths of innocent Nigerians from terrorist attacks; either from IEDs or ambushes to kidnapping of schoolgirls…is dead! I mean, Shekau is dead! There’s no jubilation. No sermon in churches thanking God the fiercest terrorist of Nigeria is dead! True, ISWAP is no saint. But Shekau dead should elicit some form of reaction, a heaving, a sigh of relief.


Forget Twitter and TB Joshua, Nigerians are tired – Peju Akande



Nigerians be like…so what?



What isn’t news is the fact that TB Joshua is dead. Mind boggling as the news was when it broke on Sunday, the 6th of June , 2021; it still didn’t do more than pinch a few Nigerians. We aren’t falling over ourselves thronging the synagogue to find out if he will resurrect… Maybe he didn’t really die…



Beyond the headline news on Sunday; TB Joshua’s death struggled to be in the news with many grumbling about Twitter; others talking about the Fulani threat …Hey! The great prophet sought by foreigners all over the world is dead and Nigerians aren’t even mourning.



I remember when Michael Jackson died. The world stood still.  But this is not the koko.



Did you hear that the people of Igangan felt the wrath of the bandits/Fulani herdsmen/ terrorists attacks, who invaded their homes and burnt their properties to ashes after killing some 15-20 persons in the wee hours of Sunday, the 6th of June 2021.



Again, this is not the koko.



Forget Twitter and TB Joshua, Nigerians are tired – Peju Akande



So, what is the koko of the matter?



It’s the fact that you and I are still walking about…unscathed. You and I are still logging online and getting news and eating and drinking like…



You and I still know the security situation in Nigeria…doesn’t exist. Anything can happen. Yet, the government and people will just carry on with the business of life.



These stories/news whatever you want to tag them should have elicited some form of uproar, disturbances, unrest. Even shutdowns of everyday life. We should agitate for something, but we are tired.



That’s the news.



We aren’t responding to anything. We just keep trudging on.



Citizens of the rest of the world would have agitated, picketed, done something to show that something has shifted in their collective consciousness…


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Not us Nigerians.



We are just going about with traffic jams; with buying corn on the road, cussing out one another on the street; wondering why our electricity units are running out so fast, inviting friends to parties…Life continues.




We have lost our ability to feel and respond to anything. We have become like zombies, numbed by the constant pillaging of our senses.



Indeed, we are numb because we know nothing has really changed.



Even if a new government comes in…what will change?



PDP and APC are the same. Seen the recent cross carpeting?



Nothing moves us anymore. We are looking with glazed eyes, looking but not seeing; moving but making no progress.



This is one of the consequences of constant knocks on our psyche. We just cross over a dead corpse on the street and continue walking. No shaking



God save Nigeria!

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