#FreeOmoyeleSowore Issokay!! – Viola Okolie

#FreeOmoyeleSowore Issokay!! – Viola Okolie


So before I delve into #FreeOmoyeleSowore, I think I should do the Nigerian thing and post two obligatory caveats. Here goes:




  1. Every protest is valid. It does not matter if you are protesting why the sun is standing on top of the Ministry of Finance by 12 noon instead of where your village gods have told you should be its proper place five millimeters away. If you are not happy about it, you have a right to protest it. Provided you are not going to be harming another human or damaging/defacing public property. Protest your protest.


It is both your right, and your left.



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  1. While you are exercising your God-given right (and left), to peacefully protest Iya Sikira’s non-preparation of ewa agoyin today, forcing you to sandwich your bread with akara instead; you also have the right to embark on that protest without any harassment or molestation.



Not from your neighbor that feels your head is not correct for protesting your protest. The same protest that you are protesting for yourself all by yourself. Not from an opposing camp that wants to propose the motion that “akara and bread is superior to ewa agoyin/bread”.


No. That is not the issue today.


Today’s issue is that you want ewa agoyin with your bread and not akara. If they feel strongly about their own motion, they can shift a little bit to the left. Thereafter, they can start their own protest. It is a free world.




Not from onlookers who feel that you are mad and need to be heckled/manhandled into not protesting your protest.



Most definitely NOT from the security agencies. It is their duty to provide you with security throughout the duration of your protest.



No other thing to say than #FreeOmoyeleSowore

Provided you pre-informed them and obtained all necessary permits before proceeding o… Prevent others from harassing you, and most definitely shouldn’t be harassing you either.




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#FreeOmoyeleSowore Issokay!! - Viola Okolie



We are in Nigeria and have seen it happen over and over again. This government does not employ more humane tactics to disperse an unarmed crowd. No.


The only crowd dispersal tactics endorsed by the Buhari government, is to spray live bullets at anyone who is not bleating like a sheep, “Sai Baba”.


Buhari’s administration is a strong man administration which co-incidentally, is what some people said they wanted. This was when we tried to warn in 2015, that you don’t open the doors for tyranny to come into your house and “feel at home”. The problem is not the tyrant entering. It is getting him to leave when you have had enough. The problem is not giving a monkey a glass cup. It is collecting the cup back from the monkey.


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We were mocked.


We were jeered at.


Also, we were called names: prostitute, fat, old, haggard.


“Wailing Wailers”.


And we took that name meant to be an insult in good faith while trying patiently to show those who wanted a “strong man”. That they did not need the kind of strong man they were trying so hard to let in. Led by Omoyele Sowore, they threw the doors wide open, and handed the glass cup to the monkey. Now that the monkey is jumping from palm tree to palm tree showing his skills, they are calling on us to join hands with them to collect the glass cup back?


Again, I say: #FreeOmoyeleSowore

Well, because aluta must always continua in order for victoria to become acerta, here is my solidarity contribution: #FreeOmoyeleSowore.




My duty towards him is done and like my brother Deji Adeyanju, I have a lot of engagements. This week alone, I will have to travel from Timbuktu to Kalamazoo. From where I will branch Panya on my way to Fernando Po if not I swear to god, *touches ring finger to sand, licks index finger and points same up to heaven*; na me for lead the protest.


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I mean, you all shouldn’t forget so soon that I led the protest AGAINST Buhari to Chatham House in 2015. This was while Sowore’s cronies were slandering us from across the fence IN SUPPORT of Buhari. I also led all the protests that eventually led to the postponement of the 2015 elections. So, protesting against Buhari is like my middle name.


But for now, Kalamazoo calls.


PS: A few short months ago, Sowore swore that Buhari was not the problem rather Atiku was. He declared that he joined the presidential race to ensure that Atiku was not allowed a shot at power. In fact, he spent all his manifesto time campaigning against Atiku.


I was not too convinced about Atiku so was neither here nor there in the attack against him. But I found it strange that a so-called progressive could not appreciate the need to join forces and vote Buhari out.


How anyone who could see Nigeria struggling under Buhari, could not appreciate the need to join forces and fight against the federal rigging might but rather chose to undermine the strongest contender; was beyond me.



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No time for confused activists

Toh. Here we are today. Sowore versus his strong man.


Anywhere wey belle face politics is a yeye somebody sha o.


Nevertheless, #FreeOmoyeleSowore.


Okay guys, I have a plane to catch. The flight to Panya leaves from Madagascar once every two years. And the business I have there is more urgent than rescuing confused activists from their erstwhile best friends.


Make the rest of una enjoy.

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