Funmi Awelewa: ‘Being an actress doesn’t validate promiscuity’

Funmi Awelewa: ‘Being an actress doesn’t validate promiscuity’

Nollywood actress, Funmi Awelewa has stated that being an actress does not validate promiscuity in any way.


She mentioned that she concerned with the stigma has been affiliated with movie actresses. Funmi defended movie actresses in her recent interview with a correspondent on Saturday, May 9.


She stated that promiscuity is a function of personality irrespective of being an actress’s or not.


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Here is what the Funmi Awelewa had to say;

“It’s not true that actresses are promiscuous.

It’s a function of who one is and what one was engaged in before becoming an actor.

If one was wayward before joining the movie industry, one would easily continue it and if one is not, being an actress would not automatically make one that way.”



In the latter part of her session, she revealed that most bloggers are responsible for the false stories developed out of spite for celebrities. She mentioned that several actresses are too busy to be in relationships, hence, there is necessarily no time to be promiscuous.


Funmi also admonished people not to be judgemental.


Continue reading what she said;

“Actresses are always conscious of their dealings with the opposite sex because they don’t want to be trolled on blogs.

Our busy schedules don’t permit us to even have time for relationships sometimes.

People should stop tagging actresses as bad eggs in society.

Actresses are sometimes judged from afar but when you move closer to us, you would discover that we are not bad but just misrepresented by some elements.

“A lot of us can’t do half of what some big society ladies do, though there might be some exceptions.

People should appreciate what we do as actors because of the risks we face at times.”

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