Fury Of A Woman: Lady cuts off lover’s penis for cheating on her

Fury Of A Woman: Lady cuts off lover’s penis for cheating on her

A 24-year-old Ugandan woman, Rehema Kabayana, has been arrested for allegedly cutting off the penis of her lover, Anthony Sekawa while he slept because she was allegedly cheating on her.
PML Daily reports that Kabayana had been suspecting that the 28-year-old Sekawa was cheating on her with other women and decided to teach him a lesson by cutting off his weapon of destruction with a four-inch kitchen knife while he slept.

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According to a police report, Kabayana had planned the heinous act before carrying it out and waited for Sekawa to fall asleep before cutting off his manhood.
It was his painful screams that woke up the neighbours who rushed to his apartment before calling the police who rushed him to the Namirembe Hospital.
He reportedly told the police that he and Kabayana had got into a fight during which she tried to cut his throat.
When he later fell asleep, Kabayana proceeded to use the knife to cut off his penis.
After she was arrested, Kabayana confessed that she had to cut off Sekawa’s manhood after she discovered that he had been having sex with different girls at a brothel located in Wanton Mukono.
“I discovered that he was secretly going out and flirting with other girls at different bars. This made me very angry. I was full of anger inside and couldn’t relax,” she told the police.
The Kampala Metropolitan Police spokesman Luke Owoyesigyire confirmed that Mukono Police had received an emergency call about a man’s penis being cut off with a knife.

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Owoyesigyire told the paper officers arrived along with rescue staff and found the man severely injured and he was rushed to hospital, adding that detectives told them the couple have long battled over his womanizing and she had demanded he ceased contact with any other women, including not talking to them, answering their calls or even smiling at them, something he apparently didn’t do.
The suspect is currently detained at Mukono Police Station on charges of attempted murder as the investigation continues.

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