Generous Portions: Bangkok ‘waitresses’ fined for very impractical uniforms

Generous Portions: Bangkok ‘waitresses’ fined for very impractical uniforms

Servers wearing nothing but bikini bottoms and an apron is apparently where Thailand draws the line when it comes to women’s attire.

Four promotional models or pretties were each fined THB2,000 (US$66) last night for wearing too little at a gig in Bangkok’s Bueng Kum district.

The four models, all between 24 and 34, were summoned to the local police station Wednesday. There, they explained that they collectively received THB10,000 for serving tables 9 p.m. to 11 p.m., according to multiple media reports. Before donning their skimpy outfits, they reportedly prepared backless bras to make sure they don’t accidentally flash anyone. The women said the outfits may have looked more inappropriate than they intended due to the sheer size of their actively moving breasts.

The curvaceous quartet gained attention online last week. This happened when videos of them in their minimal uniforms went viral. In the videos, the four Bangkok models can be seen wearing nothing but hot pants or bikini bottoms under bright aprons. A large surface area of quite large breasts went uncovered by the aprons, which seemed barely able to hold them in. All four pretties readily said they were surgically augmented.

The four Bangkok women and the restaurant’s owner were fined THB2,000 for public indecency.

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