Georgie of life by Oshoko Bushushu (2)

Georgie of life by Oshoko Bushushu (2)

Lust or not, I was not going to start pawing her in the car and more over she was a married woman.

“You have a lovely place,” Georgie said as we stepped into my place.

“Thanks” I told as I lugged in her luggage. She had 3 big ones and a small carry on bag.

“The guest bedroom is here,” I said leading the way. “And there is a bathroom ensuite. I will rustle up something while you freshen up.”

“I could help,” she said standing in the doorways with her arms raised, her breasts outlined against her top.

“Oh it’s nothing. I have it covered.”gEORGIE

By the time she stepped out in a lazy top and shorts, the food had been microwaved and dished out.

“Let’s eat. I will shower when we are done. You must be hungry,” I said taking in her lovely legs and lovely shape.

“This tastes nice. Don’t tell me you made this yourself,” she complimented as she chewed.

“Nope, I didnt.”

“Your girlfriend?” she asked cocking an eyebrow.

“Nope. I have a woman who makes me stuff and delivers to the office.”

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“So, no girlfriend? Ikenna has two kids already.”

“I know. Maybe I am not just the marrying kind.”

“But you like women sha? You are not…”

“Gay? Oh no. I am hetero.”

And from there the gist went to her marriage which had crashed on account of the fact she didn’t have kids and the man had knocked up some girl at work.

“It was a nasty business, but it’s been four years now.”

“So, sorry. Didnt realize. Ikenna and I haven’t been in touch as we should. Just occasional emails and whatsapp chats.”

“It’s ok.”

“You plan to marry again? You look great and men should be falling over themselves to get with you,” I said as we cleared the dishes.

Georgie stopped  in the middle of the kitchen and turned to look at me.

“Are you one of those men?” she asked and I smiled.

“You only just got in. Let me do the dishes,” I said but she had smiled and said no.

“I got this.”

“Well, I will shower then. I am all clammy”

My whatchamacallit was at attention as I showered. It’s always a turn on to have a pretty, sexy and willing woman under your roof.

The thing was still at attention when I stepped out of the shower. I dried my self and as I stepped into my room, I was 14 all over again.

Georgie was lying in my bed, stark naked, the soft light bouncing off her beautiful body.

“I hope I am not being too forward,” she said as she opened her legs wide and my whatcahmacallit nodded like an idiot.

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