Germany registers over 64,000 refugees

Germany registers over 64,000 refugees

More than 64,000 refugees have arrived in Germany from Ukraine since the beginning of the Russian invasion on Feb. 24; according to Germany’s interior ministry.

On Tuesday, the ministry said it had registered 64,604 refugees from Ukraine; more than 14,310 refugees from the day before.

The actual number of incoming refugees; however, could be significantly higher, an interior spokesperson told CNN Tuesday.

More than two million people have fled Ukraine since the beginning of the Russian attack on Ukraine; according to the UN High Commissioner for Refugees.

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In the same vein,

Nearly 5,000 Ukrainians have arrived in France, and more are on the way, French official says

French Minister Delegate for Citizenship Marlène Schiappasaid an estimated 5,000 Ukrainians have so far arrived in France; with more arriving every day.

“We have close to 5,000 people from Ukraine who have arrived in France.

It’s a current estimate; every day, we have new arrivals,” she said in an interview with French broadcaster France info Tuesday.

Schiappa said that every Ukrainian in need of accommodation would receive it in France; but she added that Ukrainians were not collectively being granted refugee status; as many hope to return to their country.

Instead, they are being offered a “temporary; immediate status” with the same guarantees of protection as refugee status, she said; adding that this will also offer recipients access to schooling and financial and medical support.

She also announced a “refugee sponsorship system” via a new platform. The site will allow French households to host a Ukrainian family with the support of nongovernmental organizations.

Since the start of the Russian invasion, thousands have fled the country for safety reason; women and children make up majority of the those who escaped the shelling of bombs.

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