How to get exactly what you want from a relationship

How to get exactly what you want from a relationship

No one wants to be called needy. It’s an unsavory label, a punch to the gut. Moreover, it’s an unfair way to describe someone just because, well, they have needs. Who doesn’t? You can need more attention. You can need better sex. You can need your partner’s mother to stop emailing you her family recipes—you can even need her to stop emailing you altogether. But in any relationship, be it with friends, lovers, family, or colleagues, there’s a pleasant way to ask for what you want. It’s all in the delivery: Make requests with tantrums and tears, and you’re hypersensitive. Make them in a calm, cool way, and you’re a grown-ass woman. Here are some guidelines for expressing your desires in a noncombative, even approachable, fashion—while leaving room for others’ needs, too.

Figure Out What You Really Need

Yes, some of us desire daily love notes, weekly peonies, and the perfect surprise-birthday extravaganza attended (on time) by all of our closest friends. Well, as Mick Jagger taught us, you can’t always get what you want. Still, if you’re feeling unsatisfied in a relationship, put some serious thought into what’s truly missing. If you want more fancy date-night dinners, think: Is it about getting the impossible reservation? That’s a want. Or is it about needing to feel special and prioritized? The pettier-sounding wants are probably secondary emotions to something real.

Be Honest And Open

It’s key to communicate your needs with grace. I once dated a workaholic who never looked up from a computer during his 14-hour day, which left me feeling neglected most waking hours. Over a lovely dinner one night (a weekend, obviously), I said, “Listen, I’m totally turned on by your work ethic, but if we’re going to be in a romantic relationship, I need you to flirt with me at least once a day: Call, text, whatever floats your boat.” Read more 

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