Ghanaian pastor claims Holy Spirit led him to see ‘Mammy Water’ (Video)

Ghanaian pastor claims Holy Spirit led him to see ‘Mammy Water’ (Video)

A man of God in Ghana, Rev. Obofour Asanteman Obofour, the General Overseer of the Anointed Palace Chapel, has revealed that he was led by the Holy Spirit to see a Mermaid or what is generally called ‘Mammy Water,’ and how they operate in the spirit realm.
Rev. Obofour who is one of the most controversial pastors in the West African country, dropped the bomb with respect to things that happen in the spiritual world and that has been generating a lot of talking points in that country with many believing that only the Devil could have led him into such a venture.

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According to Rev. Obofour, he met the with the Mermaid after he was taken into the ocean by the Holy Spirit.
In a viral video where Rev. Obofour preached about the deep secrets of the operations of the ‘Mammy Water’ and Marine Spirits, he said;
‘The ‘Holy Spirit’ led me to see Mammy Water during one of their meetings deep in the ocean.’
He went further to say:
“God led my spirit to one of ‘Maamy Water’s’ meetings deep in the ocean; it was last Sunday evening; the number of people who attended the meeting was enormous and no church has ever seen that much crowd.
No one would really comprehend what ‘Maamy Water’ says except those who live and work with her because she sounds like a sea wave.”
He went further to reveal some really dark and deep secrets about the ‘Mammy Water Kingdom’ and advised that people practiced a morally upright living.
Rev. Obofour is not new to controversies as he had, in the past, claimed to be the ‘only true angel of God’ in the world. Even his name, when translated into English, means angel and thus no one can really begrudge him for saying he is an angel.
He has also been quoted as saying other men of God in Ghana are fake and that he alone remains the true man of God in that country, something that has drawn a lot of criticism from Christians and other anointed men of God.

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He has also been at loggerheads with many pastors in Ghana including another very controversial man of God, Prophet Daniel Obinim whom he said has been using the title of a Prophet to deceive people.
Watch the video here:

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