‘Ginimbi was in Illuminati’- Kemi Olunloyo

‘Ginimbi was in Illuminati’- Kemi Olunloyo

Controversial Nigerian investigative journalist, Kemi Olunloyo has taken to social media to allege that the late Zimbabwean socialite, Ginimbi was a member of the conspiracy sect, Illuminati.


Taking to social media on Wednesday, November 11, Kemi Olunloyo alleged that Ginimbi acquired a casket because he knew his death was coming sooner than expected. She stated that the socialite was prepared for his own fate.


Recall on Sunday, November 8, 1st News reported that Ginimbi real name Genius Kadungure was involved in a ghastly motor accident. Eyewitnesses reveal that the socialite died on the spot.


Following his demise,  it was gathered that the socialite acquired a brand new casket one week prior to the accident.


According to The ZimbabweMail, a casket was found in one of his spare bedrooms following his death.


1st News shared a photo of the casket Ginimbi bought one week prior to his death.


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Nigerian socialite, Kemi Olunloyo has now alleged that late socialite, Ginimbi was allegedly part of the Illuminati and he allegedly planned his own death.


According to Kemi Olunloyo, Ginimbi who died in an accident his own death and took people with him.


“A Lot of you heard recently about Ginimbi Kadungure, a Zimbabwean socialite.

Ginimbi was known well in Zimbabwe with his nice exotic cars and everything.

A video was shown of him minutes before he died heading to the club and he was really happy; and telling people what’s gonna happen and all that.

Some of you found out Ginimba had a casket in his house that he bought a week before his death.

It seems that nobody understands the concept of the Illuminati here…….”


Watch the video below.






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