Gloria Okolie: Our daughters and their “innocent” looks – Peju Akande

Gloria Okolie: Our daughters and their “innocent” looks – Peju Akande



If you are wondering who Gloria Okolie is, please bear in mind that the headline above is not as “innocent” as it looks.


Just read on.


How do you deal with a daughter who hides things from you? A child that when the police come crashing through your doors to arrest; either at night or in the daytime, you will fight them off; sure they are about to arrest a totally innocent child incapable of the atrocities linked to her.


Enter Chidinma Ojukwu, 21-year-old UNILAG undergrad and prime suspect in the murder of Usifo Ataga.


Gloria Okolie: Our daughters and their "innocent" looks – Peju Akande



Lights fade…enter Gloria Okolie, 22-year-old out-of-school girl in a relationship with a suspected ESN member!



Now you have two beautiful, “innocent,” children engaged in dangerous games.



Chidinma’s is a tired story. Gloria’s is the one we are chewing our lower lip over; wondering how she got entangled in a game she knows nothing of its rules.


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A quick recap about Gloria Okolie. Gloria was reported to have been arrested on the 17th of June, 2021 as a bait to get her boyfriend; who police say is a suspected member of the Eastern Security Network (ESN). Like Chidinma, Gloria has sung like a canary to those who want to hear, according to reports and this has led to two major victories for the police.




  1. She’s been able to help them capture Benjamin Uzoma Emoriji alias “Onye Army”, one of ESN’s commanders. He is alleged to be involved in the planning and execution of attacks on the Imo State police command, among others.

  1. Gloria has been found to be an intermediary who receives cash, drugs and weapons on behalf of IPOB. In fact, the report says the sum of N17.5m had passed through her account!


Now it’s looking like our girl is no longer innocent. When I saw her photo, I could’ve sworn the Police got the wrong girl…But looks are deceptive…looks can also kill!


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Here’s a child whose widowed mother, Virginia Okolie is wondering how she would cope after the sum of N280,000 made from hawking roasted yam, had allegedly been taken by the Police to secure Gloria’s release from detention. How is Virginia going to accept the fact that her daughter had at one time or the other been in control of N17.5 million!



Suddenly, we’ve lost all the zest to fight against the authorities following this revelation. Just the same way we lost the will to cuss out the police after Chidinma confessed to the murder of Usifo Ataga.



How do you solve a problem like Gloria and all the other young and “innocent” looking daughters who have a penchant for dangerous games?



How do you come to accept they are even capable of the atrocities they have been charged with?



You look at them and you think you see innocence. But only God knows what lies beneath that look of, “I can’t hurt a fly?”


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I was fooled and so were their families and friends.



Gloria Okolie will be arraigned in court for her role in IPOB/ESN. According to a statement signed by the Deputy Force Spokesman, Aremu Adeniran, titled; ‘Violent attacks in the South-East: Police arrest militants’ spy girl’; Gloria Okolie was arrested for “her complicity in the series of deliberate and well-coordinated attacks on security formations; other critical national infrastructure including INEC offices, killing of security operatives in the south-eastern part of the country.”




What will happen to Gloria Okolie?


Reports last week said while she was detained at the IRS office in Owerri; adding that she was used as a sex slave who also cooked and washed clothes. This is unverified. But this just goes to tell you that life will not be regular or normal for this child ever again.

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