The good, the bad, and the Lagos – 005

The good, the bad, and the Lagos – 005
In Lagos you don’t teach boys the Bro Code; you don’t teach them street smarts; you don’t teach them anything that comes with being Lagosian.
We just come naturally encoded with these things.
I used to date two girls simultaneously: Teni and Kelly – age mates.
They both had brothers: Bayo and Obi – age mates.
The girls lived on the same street as did I, but were not friends. They maintained unspoken rivalry.
Just the way boys like it.
But the brothers were friends. They were close friends. In fact they were in a social street gang.
I knew each brother was aware of their own sisters having a thing with me. I did not know they were equally aware of the insane fact that the other’s sister was in a closet situationship with me.
One evening, while the sun had just set and the boys had gathered in a corner of the street, as you would often find in Lagos, someone broke a gist about side chics.
I was in a shop, drinking soda and reading a book on the AnyBooks app. They were unaware of my presence.
So, there was no reason for Bayo to hold back when he told Obi, “You wey dey talk, shey your sister no be Bro Kay side chic?”
Obi retorted, “Abi na your sister gan gan be the side chic.”
I shuddered. They both knew?
I felt a frisson course through me.
But then they laughed out in unison, and mutually agreed both their sisters were side chics.
Their mild take on the matter made me relax. And then I wondered about these kind of boys.
Barely 20 and they already had a profound understanding of the Bro Code.
Half an hour later, when I stepped out of the shop with deliberate light steps to appear as amiable and as harmless to the universe as possible, they all hailed me in a knowing salutatory tone.
You could tell the only thing they felt towards me was admiration. I was in such a way as they would love to be in future.
I was their model Don Juan.
So, I shook my head, still smiling reservedly and moved along.
Only in Lagos.

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