The good, the bad, and the Lagos – 007

The good, the bad, and the Lagos – 007

My friend did something unusual on Valentine’s Day. I was impressed to say the least.

It is just the sort of out-of-the-box instances you can associate with people who live in Lagos.

This is how she narrated it to me below:


I hate crowds. So, I hate going out on Valentine’s Day because everywhere has everybody every time. The times I went out with my man almost always ended in disaster. I’d be irritable and short and we actually won’t get the privacy I think these things deserve.

One particular Valentine’s Day, I decided to bring a 5-star experience home. The day first started with me acting like I forgot and didn’t care much. My man vex go work instead of staying small for the mood he was catching. It was all part of the plan o. I needed him to go to work on time make I swing into action. So he did and I did.

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The plan: 2 course gourmet dinner for 4 (me and the kids) and then 2 course candle light dinner for 2 (the king and I).

The twist: of course I had to find a way to transform our living so you feel the love in the air. Some string lights, table covers, chair covers, petals and red cardboard hearts later, I had a beautiful romantic getaway right in my home.

3pm: I picked the kids from school. And voila! Shouts of excitement everywhere!!! They wouldn’t even sit to eat. Had to psych them to eat and enjoy. I still had round two and needed to be ready.

6pm: I called him.

ME: “Babe, what’s the plan for Val?”
HIM: “Abeg leave me, is it not you that was sendless when I was loving you up this morning?”
ME: “Ha! No vex abeg. I’m sorry na. So, no plans? Oya let me take you out please.”
HIM: “Hmm. Where are you taking me to?”
ME: “Come and pick me fess na. Let me dress up.”

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7pm: “Waw! Waw! Waw! Na so the guy wan turn ambulance o. Petals on the floor created a path to the dimly lit dining area. Cascading red hearts and string lights offered a sparkling, romantic ambience.

The food nko? Pan-roasted, pepper sauce catfish with a side of coleslaw, melt-in-the-mouth Chizor’s choffee dessert cake and vanilla ice cream and mumbo jumbo toppings, a bottle of sweet red, sitting chilled. This man snap picture taya.

“Honey, eat o!”

Whosai! Paparazzi on the beat!

He finally settled down. I already had the kids occupied elsewhere. Before we were done, night don come biko.

No going out again.


Fun. Family. Food. Fellowship.

Mission accomplished.

Wetin I dey find me for outside again.

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