The good, the bad, and the Lagos – 030

The good, the bad, and the Lagos – 030
The Coronavirus is spreading like wild fire razing through dry grass everywhere – not unlike Lagos. Although you could say we look to be the least hit at the moment.
Before this pacifies you, everyone in the world was at this stage once. They had this statistics; and nurtured this hope before the Earth just fell off from underneath them.
I spoke with my friend in the US. Their first fortnight off work began on March 13. Now she isn’t sure they’d reach the end of the tunnel and see light anytime before May. She’s white and she’s turned pale with fear. Now you know it has really hit the roofs when the privileged race become inebriated with live anxiety.
As it should be in Lagos.
And my colleague who’s brother lives in Germany is so wary about stepping outside because this virus that is tinier than a pixel but spreads faster than Seasons Greetings has everyone knocked for six. They treat the caution with the level of panic – which really means they treat the virus with the respect its potency deserves. They’re not happy to be self-isolated; but they’re happy to do whatever they must to survive.

The good, the bad, and the Lagos – 029

As it should be in Lagos.
My heart bleeds blue for Italy. If this happened centuries ago, Coronavirus would probably take up a spot on the flag. And how have they sinned more than most? Oh, it was the little things: lock your borders; quarantine the infected; set up medical centers for express drugs and care administration.
As it should be in Lagos.
China, the causative agent of doom, has done what we felt too liberated to do. It is funny how we have lost our freedom from irresponsible behaviors that brazenly suggested it was untouchable. Now they have shut their borders – and returned to work – and are not wary about stepping outside – and continue to keep suspect cases quarantine. Same steps at the end as would have served in the beginning.
Lagos may see longer than a fortnight because she lacks discipline, and education, and the wherewithal to see this through. But the blueprint is there for all to see. Some nations are bringing this nightmare under control, and for them, the light may not be so far off at the end of that tunnel.
As it should be in Lagos.
As it should be in Nigeria.

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