The good, the bad, and the Lagos – 034

The good, the bad, and the Lagos – 034

Social media users have speculated without end about their April salary, or, more accurately, the uncertainty of it. While some sustained hope, other just bored everyone with threnodies on repeat.



But in the very instant it seemed like the media users were set to move on to the next agenda, a thread materialized on Twitter; a refreshing two-way between boss and staff.



It read:



Now my employees are going to make me cry. I sent a message to them jointly about salaries this week. See how the conversation went.


Hi guys, there is an uncomfortable issue to discuss.

Work is not going on as normal. We are barely getting instructions anymore, which means we are barely making any money anymore.

What should we do about salaries? Feel free to express yourselves exactly how you feel, please.




And before long, a couple of replies



Good morning sir,

I’ve been meaning to talk about it sir. I perfectly understand the situation…

So, for me, I do not mind whatever decision is taken on salaries. I’ll gladly take a pay cut. I speak for myself only on this.

Thank you sir.



Good morning Sir,

I understand the situation on ground, plus I don’t think I’ve done anything work related this month. Whatever you decide about the salary is fine.




So I reviewed all the responses, used my church mind and came up with my verdict.



Hi guys.

The truth is that the current situation is not anyone’s fault. You didn’t ask for it and you didn’t see it coming either.

Here is what I’ll do.

For April, I will pay as expected.

If this pandemic continues for subsequent months, we will most likely have a pay slash.

I hope this makes sense to you. Since I didn’t prepare you to not get full pay in April, I will find a way and settle you.



I didn’t get a response for a couple of hours. Then came in an epistle.




We have read your decision on the salary payment for April. And we thank you very sincerely for the generous consideration and kind decision.

As members of the organization, we understand the current reality of business in light of the prevailing adverse circumstances. We conferred with each other and we would like to present our common opinion.

While we understand the rational for your decision, we also considered our contribution for the month. The circumstances were unprecedented, even for the business. In consideration of the reduction in business engagement for the month and a considerable wane in our productivity and engagement as employees, we appeal for a reduction in our individual salaries. We consider it unfair to the business and unconscionable on our part to receive full payment knowing full well that we didn’t put in our best this month. If it pleases you sir, we agree to a 30% deduction in our April salary

We also promise to give our best and better commitment to the job subsequently and while the current situation subsists. We will surely do better. The possibility of a temporary salary review, in proportion with the amount of work that we are able to do in these times and from home, should be considered sir.

We are grateful for your kind gesture. We pray that God heals our land and that things get better soon.

Thank you sir. God bless you.



 Now I’m just here sitting, staring at their message and saying ehn ehn? Iyen emi naa? Needless to add that I will pay full for April. Even if they didn’t earn it before, they have earned it with this conduct. Empathy is key, whether employer or employee.


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    THAT is how it should be..
    I would love to see the generality of Nigerians {of both categories in this discussion} do the same .. may the most high give the people the simple wisdom on how to heal the really is simple, it takes love and honesty, conscientious conduct and regimental adherence to self preservation techniques ..and we can use our natural endowments to sustain an economy that is not regulated or affected by the world system and it’s imminent crash.. ELedumare a gbee waa oo .. iree oo !


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