Sometimes, good girls get the hot guys, too – Peju Akande

Sometimes, good girls get the hot guys, too – Peju Akande

There’s never a shortage of what to write about once you have data.

Just go online, especially those pages where relationships are hot topics. You will read and laugh and wonder at people’s gullibility and be perplexed at the complexities of human relationships.

My friend Tayo introduced me to one of those pages. She told me to focus on the comments section…my God! I hope nobody takes, seriously, the relationship advice dished out on those pages.

I read the one about a lady asking what to do about a woman who has slept with her father and now wants to marry her brother whom she described  as a responsible, hardworking dude. Now, know this, the brother had been warned about the so called lady being daddy’s former side chick and yet insists on marrying her.

Oro pe si je!

I am no therapist or love doctor but common sense tells me this is a no, no.

This is Africa na, we are not characters in TV shows like The Bold and the Beautiful. Anyway, the comments on that page of course, is diverse with many asking how come bad girls get good guys?


So, over the long weekend, Tayo came visiting with another friend, Banke. In between our banters, an old movie began to show on TV.  Just Wright – starring Queen Latifah as Leslie Wright; Common as Scott McKnight and drop dead gorgeous Paula Patton as Morgan Alexander. Now, to those unfamiliar with the movie, the Common character is smitten with the beautiful Morgan Alexander, who’s friends with Leslie. Alex is a user, she quickly sees Scott as her meal ticket, latches on to him, manoeuvres him into proposing marriage, though the dude thinks the idea is his and things begin to spiral out of control after that.

My friend, Tayo is a lawyer, who hates being called one, she often likes to see herself more as a love doctor; someone who has the ability to read people and tell who and who should pair up and be in a relationship. As expected, Tayo began to predict what would happen; ‘I don’t know why men fall for women who have mastered the art of deceit, Alex has probably hung on a chandelier for him and his head is in the wrong place.’ she said.

‘Now you are talking, can you hang on a chandelier?’ I asked her

‘Me ke?’ She replied, ‘I cannot come and go and kee myself o because of what, ni?’ There are other things to hang on to.’

So there’s your answer.

Back to the movie: Alex is beautiful, knows how to work everyone into doing things for her, got Scott spinning like a top even though she is fake from top to bottom! Everyone can see through her except Scott.

This is probably same thing happening to the brother about to marry his father’s side chick. Alex leaves Scott after his career becomes threatened when he sprained a tendon during a match.

The character of Queen Latifah, Leslie is more the everyday girl; like millions of plain Janes who never get asked out by the hot guys. Leslie represents the full bodied woman, the dependable woman, hardly has time for frivolities, almost a tomboy. Over time, she helped Scott get back on his feet, he soon sees in her a friend he could call on BUT not a lover.

That is the story of many girls today. The good girls are easily FRIEND ZONED because they can be counted on to support the guy, help massage his ego when his girlfriends dump him, teach him a few tricks but never hot enough to be his babe…because good girls can’t swing on a chandelier

Before long, Scott is back on his feet, his career looks bright again and Alex hasn’t gone far, either. She waltzes back into his life as soon as she finds out his career is back on track; fluttering lashes, sexy as hell … and he takes her back.

At the end of the day…thankfully Scott realises what he needs is not a chandelier swinging babe, a steamy hot mama to hang on his arm. He needs a dependable friend, one who will tell him the truth, one who will be there to pick him up when he falls flat on his face. So, yes Leslie finally got her man.

Back to reality, good girls do get the hot guys, just stay the course and be true to yourself and who knows, you just might swing from that chandelier!

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Osigweh Lilian Oluchi is a graduate of the University of Lagos where she obtained a B.A (Hons) in English, Masters in Public and International affairs (MPIA). Currently works with 1stnews as a Database Manager / Writer. [email protected]

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