Nigeria’s network marketing industry received a boost over the weekend with the deployment of a global marketing system for the distributors of a leading network marketing company whose products are aloe vera based.

The USA franchise, Paragon MLM ( system, is a standardized operating procedure, which provides Network Marketers three personalized websites – Paragon Attraction, to sponsor prospects into their teams; Paragon Beauty, to sell their company’s aloe based beauty products; and Paragon Wellness, to sell their company’s aloe based health products.

According to Mr. Charles Odibo, promoter of the system,  “this world-class tool developed by an American industry leader is guaranteed to enable distributors sell more products, get more repeat orders, grow their ‘downline’, and increase their monthly income. Moreover, the system allows for an introductory bonus of 30-day free trial.”


Speaking further Odibo added that “Paragon MLM tackles the greatest challenges Network Marketers face in selling products or presenting their business opportunities. These include how to attract quality prospects and present quality information about their products; how to follow-up with them; and how to close the sales.”

He explained that using evidence-based information, Paragon MLM consistently reveals in shocking details what causes our health to fail, why our skins age faster, makes a compelling case on the need for multivitamin supplementation, and naturally leads to interest in the health and beauty products that the Network Marketers sell. The system also leads prospects to the professionally produced adverts of the aloe-based network marketing company’s health and beauty products.

Other exclusive features and benefits of Paragon MLM for Network Marketers, according to Charles Odibo, include Exclusive Auto Mailers produced in video format, professionally written to deliver the right information at just the right time to engage, educate, and create new businesses for the users; two exclusive free E-Books that teach Network Marketers how to endear prospects to their business, and simplifies the concept of Network Marketing for their prospects.

More significantly, Paragon MLM provides for the Network Marketers professionally designed sales/marketing materials such as flyers, hot-cards, offline and online advertisement copies that they can use as they wish, and training materials, to promote their business.Multi_Level_Marketing

Charles Odibo, whose weekly column, “Network Marketing Guide” debuts in The Guardian on Wednesday, explained that Paragon MLM system is based on the concept of attraction marketing, which makes it possible for Network Marketers to teach prospects what they do and how their service or products will benefit them well before they make purchases, thus establishing the Network Marketer as a person of value.





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