Google acquires North, smart-glass firm

Google acquires North, smart-glass firm

Google revealed Tuesday it’s acquiring North; an eight-year-old, Amazon-backed startup producing smart glasses.

The valuation of the offer was not announced; however, according to Crunchbase, the Globe and Mail, which first recorded interest from Google, put the price at about $180 million; which is less than the $200 million that the firm had received.

Google was an early leader in the area of virtual reality, where computer-generated pictures, sometimes in pairs of computerized glasses, are superimposed on the physical world. One of the first such devices, Google Glass, was introduced in 2012; but high initial costing and privacy concerns; the glasses constituted a video camera — doomed its consumer appeal. Nevertheless, Google aims to supply businesses with a variant of Google Glass; where it competes with Microsoft’s Hololens.

“We’re building towards a future where helpfulness is all around you; where all your devices just work together; and technology fades into the background,” Googles senior vice president also metioned in a statement; that “North’s technical expertise will help as we continue to invest in our hardware efforts; and ambient computing future.”

The Canadian firm, previously known as Thalmic Laboratories; rebranded the holographic smart glasses, called Focals, in 2018. North said Tuesday it won’t ship its new edition of glasses, Focals 2.0; earlier this year will reach the market after the firm confirmed it will wind down its first-generation model development.

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