The Google iconic white-coloured search page is finally changing

The Google iconic white-coloured search page is finally changing


Early this year, Google rolled out dark mode in its Search app on Android and iOS platforms. Now, the company is bringing dark mode to Search on the web.


As per a report by 9To5 Google, Google has started A/B testing dark mode for Search on desktop web.

As of now, when you search for anything on Google Search, you see a White background on which text appears in Black colours while the highlights, like the name of a website, appears in Blue. In the dark mode, which is being tested now the White background is replaced by a dark Gray background that is similar to what we see in a number of Android apps. While the highlights remain Blue, the text that appears in Black, such as names and links, appears in a lighter tone of Grey in the dark mode.


Apart from this, Google’s multi-coloured logo that appears on the top left corner of Search appears in White. The microphone and the search icons, on the other hand, remain unchanged. Another thing that remains unchanged is the icons representing various filters such as All, Images, News, Videos, Images etc. They appear in Grey in both, the light and the dark modes.


As far as the desktop webpages are concerned, the company says that very few of these webpages feature a dark theme.


The list includes Google Keep, YouTube Music and YouTube among others.


All said and done, this feature is still in the testing phase and hence available to a select bunch of users.


So you shouldn’t worry if you are unable to see a setting to enable this feature yet.

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