Greek protesters clash with cops over COVID-19

Greek protesters clash with cops over COVID-19


More than 4,000 protesters took to the streets of Athens on Saturday amid continued clashes with Greek police over vaccine mandates for some workers.


The mostly peaceful protests turned violent as pockets of protesters launched Molotov cocktails at cops; who responded by deploying water cannons and tear gas, The Hill reported.


Saturday marked the third massive protest against the Greek government for mandating inoculations for healthcare workers and nursing staff — prompting a backlash.


Greece has reported nearly 475,000 COVID-19 cases, with more than 12,000 deaths from the resurging global pandemic.


Only 45 percent of Greeks are fully vaccinated.


Other nations faced pushback on pandemic measures on Saturday.


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Around 160,000 protested in France over a proposal to require COVID-19 passes to get into bars and restaurants; and thousands of Australians took to the streets in Sydney to protest continued lockdown orders.


Meanwhile, the University of Ibadan has banned all unauthorised visitors and travellers coming to the institution due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Specifically, the decision was necessary in view of the 3rd wave of coronavirus pandemic that is ravaging the world.


The institution had earlier cancelled physical lectures due to the coronavirus pandemic.


It has, however, commenced physical lectures for both undergraduate and post-graduate students.


But as parts of efforts to curtail the spread of Delta Variant of Coronavirus; it has banned all unauthorized visitors in the institution.

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