Habits that can save your relationship

Habits that can save your relationship

Instead of focusing on bad habits you need to break in your relationship, give things a positive spin. Developing good habits with your partner is something you can work on together, and practicing these eight things will make you stronger than ever.

  1. Tell each other about your days.

Each day, make a point to regroup with each other and fill your partner in on what happened throughout your day. This is an easy way to keep in touch with each others’ lives and to communicate anything important (or funny, or exciting, or upsetting!) that you experienced while apart.

  1. Have sex.

Anyone in a long-term relationship has probably fallen into an intimacy rut at some point, but it’s important that you don’t allow yourselves to stay in one. Make sex a habit. Commit to expressing how much you love each other by saying it but also by showing it physically. Spice things up if you need to, and challenge each other to keep things fresh in the bedroom.

  1. Apologize.

Get into the habit of being humble. If you had a terrible day and you took it out on your significant other, be honest to yourself and to your partner. A genuine apology proves that not only have you recognized your mistake, but that you’re willing to take responsibility for it out of respect and love for your significant other. It makes the forgiving process a lot easier, too! Read more 


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