Hadiza: Nigerians bash Kaduna Governor, El-Rufai’s wife for paying no heed to killings in Southern Kaduna

Hadiza: Nigerians bash Kaduna Governor, El-Rufai’s wife for paying no heed to killings in Southern Kaduna

Nigerians have criticised Mrs. Hadiza Isma El-Rufai, wife of the Kaduna State Governor, Mallam Nasir Del-Rufai for her less-than-perturbed demeanour over the ongoing crisis in the state; specifically, the killings going on in the Southern part.

Indeed, 1st News can report that the killings, which seem to be a recurring decimal in Kaduna for years; recently reared its ugly head again with several casualties reported and many others injured.

Reports indicate that between May 19 to 24, suspected herdsmen attacked a number of villages in Southern Kaduna. They include Idazau, Etissi, Bakin Kogi, Dutsen Gora, UN Gora, Pushu Kallah and Magunguna villages; killing five, injuring 78, destroying 607 houses and rustling 231 cows in the process.

At least 51 people are also reported missing from these attacks.

Also, a 12-year-old boy named Filibus Magaji is being regarded as a hero. The boy had reportedly fought off the attackers as they hacked his father with dangerous weapons. Filibus is currently hospitalised at a facility in Barau Dikko.

Additionally, a Senator representing Kaduna South Senatorial District, Senator Danjuma La’ah, had decried the killings. Equally important, La’ah accused the military and other security agencies of abandoning the people; especially when the people really needed their attention. Further, he alleged that Governor El-Rufai was not cooperating with his efforts as a Senator to halt the killings.

In view of the loss of innocent lives in the state due to the dastardly killings; Nigerians had been shocked to see Mrs Hadiza El-Rufai rather paying more attention to her growing following on social media.


On Wednesday, May 27, Mrs Hadiza had taken to her personal handle on the micro-blogging site, Twitter; where she celebrated her Twitter following which had grown to 80,000. This was barely a couple of days after the widely reported killings.


She had tweeted: ‘‘Yay! 80,000 followers. @Omojuwa @DrJoeAbah. How many more followers do I need in order to qualify as an ‘influenza’?’’

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Subsequently, Nigerians had begun to draw her attention to the dastardly killings in Southern Kaduna. Further, many had expected her to probably express some sympathy; or better still, show more restraint in view of the sad losses.

However, Mrs. Hadiza El-Rufai had shocked Nigerians even further with her reaction.

‘‘Did any of you see “First Lady” in my bio? My TL is for language, humour and other light-hearted issues. I don’t tweet about serious matters like governance and politics. Though I’m married to a governor I’m not a part of government. I swore no oath,’’ she declared.

Consequently, her latest reaction had fetched her even more criticisms; with many accusing her of insensitivity to the plight of the families who had lost loved ones in the recent killings.

Meanwhile, 1st News has put together some of the reactions from Nigerians on Twitter below:


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