Hamburg ranked best place for a night out (DailyMail)

Hamburg ranked best place for a night out (DailyMail)

Hamburg has been ranked as the best night out in the world, beating the likes of New York and Dublin, while London doesn’t even make the top 20.

A major new study ranks 41 major cities in 27 countries based on five categories, including the quality of the nightlife, friendliness of the locals, safety, transport and cost after asking local residents their opinions.

And it’s Germany’s second biggest city that rates best after topping two of the five categories in the survey and rating very highly in the others.

It is praised for having open and friendly people and excellent transport links moving people between key destinations.

The quality of its nightlife also rates highly based on the nocturnal activities available and people’s general enjoyment.

Other highly rated cities include Copenhagen, which came in second, as well as Berlin (third), Dublin (fourth) and Amsterdam (fifth).

The rest of the top 10 is comprised of San Francisco, Gothenburg, Prague, Warsaw and New York. Read more


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