‘Happy 1st of March’- Nigerians react as Wizkid resurfaces on Twitter

‘Happy 1st of March’- Nigerians react as Wizkid resurfaces on Twitter


Nigerian music superstar, Wizkid has resurfaced on Twitter after spending seven months on an indefinite hiatus.


The 29-year-old Star Boy Record Executive and focal artist posted on Twitter for the first time since January 3, 2019. He has since disappeared from the platform until his reemergence on the afternoon of Saturday, August 24.


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Wizkid wrote, “Elo Elo!! How tings tings.”


The tweet has garnered a thousand retweets and his followers are elated to see the Prince of Afrobeat return.


Wizkid would traditionally begin to trend on Twitter after he wrote a jocular follow-up post. He made allusions to his post from January 3. At the time, Wizkid revealed that he would not be on Twitter till March.


March was five months ago, however, Wizkid has officially welcomed his followers and staunch lovers into the month of March.


The internet has gone agog and Nigerians are fascinated by his intentional use of amnesia.


Read what Wizkid wrote, “Happy 1st of March”


Expectedly, Star Boy is trending on Twitter. This is the umpteenth time Star Boy would be emerging as a pivotal topic of discussion on the social media platform this week.


His fans could not hide their excitement as they comply with Wizkid’s amusing re-introduction post.


Numerous social media users have found a way to share their opinion on Twitter pertaining to Wizkid’s calendar version.


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Read some of the tweets below:


The singer is one of the most successful superstars in the modern era.


Despite his return to Twitter, he has not explained his reason for deleting all his post on the photo-sharing app, Instagram.


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