Hard Times: Prostitutes lament bleak Xmas

Hard Times: Prostitutes lament bleak Xmas

Members of the National Association of Nigerian Prostitutes (NANP), have lamented the hard times they are currently going through and wonder what the Christmas has in stock for them as things have turned bleak.

The association, in a social media message posted by its National President, Tamar Tion, say they are not finding things easy as they have lost their patrons due to the harsh economic situation in the country and are full of regret for supporting the present government in 2015.

In the message made available to Sabinews, Tion said her members all over the country have been lamenting over their dwindling fortunes and called on the APC-led government to come to their plights as they are also law-abiding citizens of the country.

Even prostitutes are not finding things funny
Even prostitutes are not finding things funny

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Part of the message reads:

“We are really suffering as our members all over the country have been calling me to tell me of their plights.

Our business has been dwindling as our patronage has reduced drastically. We hardly make N2000 per week these days, all because of the bad policies of this APC government. Things are so bad that many of our members have packed up and gone back to their villages.

Now look at the coming Christmas and I can tell you it is going to be bleak for us because there is no money.

Our customers who do not have enough to feed their families, how will they have the extra to spend on us?

And this is a government we supported, did everything for in 2015; we organized marches all over the country in support of Buhari but they have turned their backs on us despite all their promises to us then.

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We are going through tough times as our business has remained stagnated. Anywhere you go is the same. This APC government is like hell on earth. Everyone is suffering and they are not even doing anything to cushion the effects.

Instead, they keep on lying to Nigerians on their fake achievements. Very soon, we will organize our members to hit the streets in protest. We cannot take this suffering any longer,’ the statement concluded.

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