Harmattan in Lagos is a Scam! – Ella Temisan

Harmattan in Lagos is a Scam! – Ella Temisan




Lagos won’t even allow 2020 to go halfway before acting familiar. It is still early January and she has started to dish out surprises. Just Imagine! Last year, we were fighting to hang on to our space on dry land with all that rainfall. And now, harmattan is drying up our skin as if this is how we do all the time.



The funny thing is that we used to beg for harmattan o. We would finish with the rains and then start to hope for the dry and cold air of harmattan; that is usually the mark of the Christmas and New Year season. But the thing never came.



They said it was global warming and climate change and all the other science-y stuff that should affect weather. We didn’t argue. All of a sudden, harmattan sneaks into Lagos on a night bus from Kaduna or Jos, no doubt.



What is even funnier?






This thing we are calling harmattan is nothing but a big scam. Do you know what harmattan is? The one the Igbo folks call ‘ugulu’? The one that turns your skin to yam peel and makes Vaseline your best friend? That very one that makes sure “rub and shine” will never leave our tongue?



That harmattan is the harmattan. So, if this is your first experience of harmattan in a long time; you can be sure that you are not getting the real deal.



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All we are getting in this part of Nigeria is dust!



My allergies are back up because of the dust. If with my sometimes-sickly body I feel like this then may God help people with actual issues. Please spare them a minute of prayer, if you can. I had to mop my house and keep all the windows closed to stop the dust from turning my living space into a desert.



So far, I am succeeding. But how long will NEPA give me light to power my AC and control the air in my house?


The worst part is that this dust is affecting mobility for most motorists. I recently read a news post of a family that lost their lives in a car accident. Their vehicle had run into a truck. Reason for the accident was given as poor visibility because it occurred during the early hours of the day. I can’t imagine how many other accidents and near misses have occurred because of our weather. I hope they are not as much or as fatal as this one.



Harmattan in Lagos is a Scam! - Ella Temisan




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While we wait for the weather to calm, it will be good to protect ourselves.



Pack on the petroleum jelly on your skin. Cover your nose. My friend’s nose is bleeding because the air is too dry for her. If you are going to drive early in the morning when the haze is more; Fturn on your hazard light and drive carefully.



Hopefully, the weather is kinder to us for the rest of the year.

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