‘Having a girlfriend in Nigeria is a liability’

‘Having a girlfriend in Nigeria is a liability’


Popular Instagram blogger and relationship expert, Joro Olomofin has narrated the experience a Nigerian man had with his former girlfriend.


In the new post, the livid man mentioned that having a relationship with a Nigerian lady is futile and baseless.


According to the man, ladies have been taking his money and he has now decided to be single.


He claims to be having the best time of his life since he decided to walk alone.


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His message reads:


“I want to share a life testimony.

Ever since have been single in June my life has been better.

When I had a girlfriend she only took my money.

Now that I’m single, I bought a new phone, new furniture in my house, I give my mother money more often.

I am looking fresher and healthier.

Normally I can’t buy a new phone without buying for my girlfriend too.

She took all my money. My friends are complaining too.

Please let’s stop dating girls in 2020 that can’t contribute.

I want to send a picture of me in June and me today.

There is a big difference.

You will think I live abroad for 7 months.

No o. I’m in Surulere going higher and higher smelling fresh.

If you’re in a relationship like my old one. Get out please I’m begging you. Please”

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