Health benefits of Apricots

Health benefits of Apricots


1. Relieves constipation

Apricots are rich in fibre and are beneficial for smooth bowel movements. People who suffer from constipation are suggested to consume apricots due to its laxative properties. The fibre content in apricots stimulates the gastric and digestive juices that aid in absorbing the nutrients and in breaking down the food, making it easier to process.


2. Improves heart health

Apricots are packed with fibre that helps in reducing cholesterol, which keeps your heart healthy. Apricots increase the good (HDL) cholesterol and decrease the bad (LDL) cholesterol. Also, the fruit contains potassium that balances the electrolyte levels in the system.




3. Boosts bone health

The small and round fruits possess significant amounts of calcium, iron, copper, manganese and phosphorous that are necessary for bone growth. Eating these fruits daily in a controlled manner will prevent osteoporosis, promote healthy growth and development of the bones, and prevent age-related conditions.


4. Enhances metabolism

Apricots help in maintaining the fluid levels of the body because they contain two vital minerals like potassium and sodium. These minerals maintain the fluid balance in the body and distribute energy to various parts of the organs and muscles and also improve metabolism.

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5. Prevents cancer

Apricots contain carotenoids and other antioxidant compounds that help in preventing cancer. These antioxidants prevent free radical damage from entering the body and destroy the cancerous cells.

6. Aids weight loss

Low in calories, apricots are beneficial to your weight loss diet. The insoluble fibre present in apricots will keep your stomach full for a longer period of time and keep you satiated, thus aiding in weight loss.


7. Cures fever

Individuals suffering from fever can have apricot juice because it contains all the essential minerals and vitamins that will help in detoxification of various organs. The soothing and anti-inflammatory properties in apricots can reduce inflammation and also bring relief from a fever.


8. Increases RBC count

Apricots are rich in iron that helps in producing the red blood cells. Non-heme iron is a type of iron that is present in apricots which takes time to absorb in the body and the longer it stays, the more are the chances of preventing anaemia .


9. Improves vision

Consuming them on a regular basis can help improve your eyesight, due to the presence of vitamin A in the fruit. It also helps prevent age-related vision loss.




10. Hydrates the body

The electrolytes present in this fruit contribute to the major part of the health benefit of apricot. This will help maintain the fluid level in your body and keeps the body hydrated. It also helps in muscle contraction.

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