Health benefits of plum during pregnancy

Health benefits of plum during pregnancy

Adding plum(s) in your routine pregnancy diet could be beneficial. Here’s how.

  1. Maintains blood glucose levels: Your blood glucose levels tend to rise when you have gestational diabetes. Eating low glycemic index (GI) foods, such as plums, might help control the glucose levels in the body
  1. Helps relieve constipation: Pregnant women suffer from constipation; due to hormonal changes, less physical activity, or iron supplementation. Drinking prune (dried plum) juice could treat constipation that could be attributed to its dietary fiber content.
  1. Improves bone health: Dried plums or prunes contain calcium; and might aid in improving the bone health of the mother. Therefore, it is a good idea to include prunes in your regular diet


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  1. Might mitigate the risk of premature delivery: Lack of vitamin C in a pregnant woman’s diet could increase the chances of premature rupture of membranes. Including foods such as plums that are good in vitamin C might help in mitigating this risk.

Some believe there are no known major side effects of eating plum during pregnancy. But it is best to exercise caution if you have any health concerns that could get aggravated due to the consumption of this fruit.

Possible Side Effects Of Plums During Pregnancy

Plums contain oxalate and should be avoided in pregnancy if you have or had kidney stones.

Restricting the intake of plums could help in reducing the risks of calcium oxalate stones (a type of kidney stones) .

Sometimes, these fruits may interfere with the medications. So if you are on medication, ask your doctor whether you can eat plums or not. Also, remember to eat the fruit in moderation for a well-balanced pregnancy diet.

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