Health insurance now obligatory, says NHIA DG

Health insurance now obligatory, says NHIA DG

The Nigeria Health Insurance Authority’s director general and chief executive officer, Prof. Mohammed Sambo has said that health insurance is now required for all Nigerians under the new NHIA Act 2022.

Sambo said this while addressing the stakeholders’ forum at the NHIA, Lagos.

According to him, President Muhammad Buhari signed the NHIA Act into law on May 19, 2022, overturning NHIS Act 2004. He said this while making a presentation, titled ‘The National Health Insurance Authority Act 2022: Critical areas of modification and strategy for implementation.

e National Health Insurance Authority Act 2022.

Furthermore, he added that it will provide hope for 83 million vulnerable Nigerians.

He also stated that the organization’s goals should be to promote, regulate, and integrate. Adding that the terminology needed to change from NHIS to NHIA.

“Health e-Insurance for every Nigerian and legal resident should be mandatory”

‘‘For the Vulnerable Group Fund, Council should submit developed criteria for disbursement to the minister for approval and disbursement to SHIAs. For the States’ roles, the Act establishes SSHIAs/health contributory management agencies; and the Operational modification of NHIA should drive basic minimum package of health care. It should have the power to sanction, review of tariffs and timely resolution of disputes.’’

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The approach for putting the Act into effect, he continued, was divided into the following thematic areas: cross-cutting concerns, administrative and financial issues, technical issues, policy and advocacy issues, legal and regulatory issues, and administrative and financial issues.

Consequently, the new NHIA Act 2022 would make sure that all Nigerians are covered with a basic minimum package of health services, according to Mrs. Catherine Tanzamado, the state coordinator and deputy general manager of the Yaba State Office.

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