Healthy habits to keep

Healthy habits to keep


Healthy habits – Health is wealth. Sickness is expensive and fitness cost nothing in comparison and so on and so forth.


Thus goes the pantheon of similar sayings geared towards buzzing the benefits of healthy living and wellness. What’s the rave about anyway, you ask? It’s health, after all, it’s never prized until it is missed.


For fitness and wellness buffs looking to keep on the track of health or perhaps start down that path, here are 10 habits to practice.




  • Manage your appetite

Healthy people are always about balance, in all the ways that precept surfaces in your life. Whether it’s the working of your chi to attain calm amidst chaos, understanding the interplay of yin and yang in the ecosystem and your life, or simply choosing to take one less bite of that delicious treat you like.

How to work it: stay away from indulgent people. Your circle will strongly influence your habits.



  • Build a supportive circle

When associations are concerned, healthy people always go for quality, not quantity. Build a small circle by committing to giving, this is the surest way to win loyalty and engender similar feelings of generosity in the hearts of friends. Humans are hardwired to want to give to those they love and you earn love by giving it. Give first and without expecting anything in return. The results are manifold; emotionally, psychologically, spiritually, even if not physically.

What to do: Practice giving for no reason at all. Just give.



  • Anticipate disruptive events

Our hearts may be the strongest muscles in the whole of our bodies, even if always connected to the mushy kinds of stuff. It will be inevitably hit more times than you’ll be able to count. So shore-up yourself against the disappointments that will come by expecting them. Live by the words; ‘expect nothing, appreciate everything’.

What to do: Even in calm moments, especially, prepare for stormy ones.


  • Be thankful

Healthy people aren’t just physically fit, they ooze positive energy fanned by mental clarity and optimism. They are able to do this because they have an attitude of gratitude.  Say thank you often and honestly to everyone and everything that puts a smile on your face, it’s therapeutic and attracts the same grateful energy on to you.

What to do: Be quick to acknowledge goodness from wherever.



  • Live an active life

Healthy people are active people. Physical exercise gets our feel-good hormones rushing hard. Endorphins are secreted from moderate exercise. This is why the sky feels clearer and there’s a whole new energy you feel after a good run, a good workout, or a passionate romp in the sack.

What to do: Pick a physical hobby; Cycling, lifting weights, running, something, NOW.



  • Say NO

Healthy people don’t just know how to keep the habits that have brought them the label, they also expertly kick away the ones that threaten their status. They know when to say NO to things and people that can sabotage their health, however pleasant the prospects or indulgence beckoning their attention is.

What to do: Use operative and confident language when rejecting offers. Say ‘I don’t not I can’t. e.g I don’t drink soda as opposed to I can’t drink soda. One emphasizes thoughtful determination, the other sounds like a restrictive action foisted on you by another person or thing.



  • Rest

Fit people recognize the benefit of taking time off. The image of a busy bee that never stops buzzing is a misleading characterization of successful people. With all the burdening distractions in the 21st century, the super-productive people are those who know when to turn the light off, refresh, and then restart with new energy.

What to do: Don’t hate sleep. 7-8 hours each night is recommended. Habitual naps have been known to be a major trait of influential people in history like Napoleon Bonaparte, Albert Einstein etc.



  • Eat right

Healthy people are conscious about what they absorb into their bodies. Their motive for eating is first to nourish themselves, not just to fill their stomachs. Natural whole foods are always the way to go if wellness and health is a serious factor that figures in your diet.

What to do: Practice mindful nutrition, know the value of what you choose to ingest into your body.



  • Be Flexible 

With food, friends, goals and other things, healthy people know the value of staying flexible about their methods and are open to varied experiences even when the goal remains the same. Stoic strictness may be a hard bar to reach and even if your discipline is of legendary fame, it will make for a boring life. Nothing really worth it is ever linear, it is mostly crisscrossed. Healthy people embrace the turns and detours that come even as they stay focused on the destination.

What to do: Embrace flexibility in your methods to achieve anything.



  • Emotionally intelligent

Healthy people know that a lot of what happens to them is external and can often not be controlled. So, they become adept at controlling their emotional responses in relation to these things. They are highly aware of themselves and the energy they put out as they are about others and how external forces impact them. This type of intelligence puts them in the driver’s seat of their health and happiness

What to do: Improve your EQ.

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Osigweh Lilian Oluchi is a graduate of the University of Lagos where she obtained a B.A (Hons) in English, Masters in Public and International affairs (MPIA). Currently works with 1stnews as a Database Manager / Writer. [email protected]

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