Help: My Best Friend Has Snatched My Husband

Help: My Best Friend Has Snatched My Husband

“Dear Editor,
My name is Kemi, a 32-year-old married woman with three children. I have been married to Tunde for 10 years now and our marriage, though not a bed of roses, has been going well.
But that was until someone I call my best friend, Tinuola, came in a snatched my husband from me and as it stands now, my marriage is on the rock and on the verge of breaking up because Tunde has insisted on getting married to Tinu who is pregnant for him.

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Tinu and I have been close friends right from our secondary school days till we graduated from the university. I got married to Tunde while Tinu decided against getting married early as she said she wanted to ‘enjoy’ her life before settling down.
While I settled down to married life, Tinu went on a rampage and became club girl and what is popularly called runs girl. She dated different men and always regaled me with her sexcapades and how she was living her life to the hilt.
Whenever I suggested that she should get married and settle down, she would tell me that life was so ‘sweet’ to throw away because of one man. She always assured me that she would settle down at the right time.
She was a regular visitor to our house and my children thought she was their real aunt and while I never suspected that she could ever contemplate having anything to do with my husband, the scale was lifted off my eyes three months ago when she told me she was pregnant and was getting married soon.
I was happy for her and pestered her to tell me who the man was but she kept telling me that she would let me know the man at the right time.
However, I was shocked to the bone marrow when a close friend of hers hinted me that Tinu and told her that my husband was the man behind her pregnancy and that they were about going to a registry for their wedding.
I was shocked beyond words and would not believe my friend but when she swore that what she told me was the truth, I confronted Tunde, expecting that he would deny the story but to my surprise, he did not deny what I was told but went ahead to tell me that he had made all arrangements to get married to Tinu and no one could stop him.

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He gave me an ultimatum to either accept her as my rival wife or pack out of his house.
I have done everything to stop the moves he is making but all to no avail. I have fought Tinu, begged her, cajoled her, all in a bid to let go of my husband but she is adamant and this is causing serious heartache for me.
What should I do?


Dear readers, after going through Kemi’s heartbreaking story on True Confessions today, what do you think she should do?

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