Here are 10 things Buhari just did – Toni Kan

Here are 10 things Buhari just did  – Toni Kan
  1. He has just called MKO Abiola president without opening his whole mouth to say it. GCFR is not beans and it is reserved for Presidents.
MKO is our man o

2. Buhari has just said twale to Tinubu. He has shown us that Bola Ahmed Tinubu is the most ‘woke’ politician in Nigeria. What Tinubu saw and recognized almost 20 years ago is what Buhari is seeing now. Better late than never, abi.

3. Buhari has just said STFU to OBJ and IBB. OBJ for not honouring his brother and to IBB for annulling the freest and fairest election in Nigeria. QED

4. Buhari has given OBJ an idea for a new book. It will be called – My Mistake.

5.Buhari has just told OBJ a secret – No be only you sabi write letter.

6. Buhari has just stolen a weapon from Atiku’s arsenal. Something tells me Atiku was keeping this as trump card. Pele.

7. Buhari just made the South West an ally. He has just celebrated and recognized two of their well deserving but ignored sons.

8. By recognising Abiola, Buhari has validated Prof Humphrey Nwosu who was election umpire in 1993.

9. This move shows us again that MKO Abiola was a great man, biko. He ran a Muslim-Muslim ticket and kicked ass. It has never happened before and will never happen again

10. Buhari has finally declared for 2019. Forget that tweet by El Rufai. This is the real declaration.


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