HIIT: 2021 Top 5 fitness trends

HIIT: 2021 Top 5 fitness trends


In 2020 High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) has become the sport that everyone must have done at some point; in 2021 the emphasis will be on body-mind-balance.

Mindfulness is the keyword that will dominate the fitness world this year, as ISPO, organizer of the sports fair in Munich, reports.

1. Mental Fitness

A healthy body also includes a healthy mind. No wonder that mental fitness is becoming increasingly important.

Fitness studios, for example, offer special programs that focus on mindfulness and your own mindset.

These include feel-good massages, but also breathing and meditation exercises that help to promote inner balance.

This is also reflected in your own fitness success, because a positive mindset promotes concentration.

For example, a study has shown that after mindfulness training; competitive athletes enter a competition with greater concentration and optimism.



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2. HIIT-Yoga

Classical asanas were yesterday. 2021 we go to HIIT-Yoga!

Last year HIIT became THE trend in the fitness world because it burns more body fat than a moderate workout in the same time. But HIIT does not only work on endurance.

In the so-called Athleticflow, HIIT and yoga elements are now combined with each other.

Here the interaction of body and mind is of great importance.

The HIIT units increase the heart rate, the yoga sequences strengthen stability and strength.

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3. Glide Fit

After Crossfit, the next trend from the USA will also reach your country in 2021: Glide Fit.

The new thing about it is not the workout itself, but the place where it is performed: on the water. Stability, yoga or even HIIT units are done sitting and standing on a board.

In this way functional training is combined with balance training.

The advantage on the water: Due to the unstable surface, more muscles are used than when the exercises are done on the dry. And you improve your coordination and reflexes.



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4. Mindful Running

In 2021, the harmony of mind and body will also find its way into jogging.

Mindful running combines the running unit with meditation and breathing exercises.

Breathing, posture and the perception of one’s surroundings and fellow human beings, rather than the incentive to run further and faster, are the main focus here.

You can confidently do without headphones and smartphones in Mindful Running; because only then can you perceive your surroundings with their sounds. And you can also do without the tracking of the kilometers you have run.

Mindful running thus promotes mindfulness and should help to leave negative thoughts and feelings behind.

5. Full Day Training

No time for an extensive workout?

This excuse does not apply in 2021. After all, all-day training simply divides the sports unit into several smaller workouts: a round of yoga after getting up; a long walk during the lunch break and a crisp HIIT workout in the evening.

This makes regular training easier to accommodate in everyday life and it is easy to develop a routine.


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