Holy women – Abiodun Kuforiji-Nkwocha

Holy women – Abiodun Kuforiji-Nkwocha

Men are bad but women are good because women are victims of oppression.


I can see the guys snickering here and asking: what is this one up to today?


But just be patient and go through this with an open mind ok!


See, ‘victimhood’ infers holiness.


Ask gay people, transgender people and black people, and they will tell you what it means to be victims.


By default, however, men are paedophiles.


Something in the air flies around and men are quick to catch it but women are immunized from it; this thing is restricted to the privileged men.


And so this TVC female host unwittingly walked into it a few weeks ago.


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You know how you get so full of it… a hard working wife that is an ‘upsome’ mother and the ultimate protector of her brood, so much so that even the father is a potential molester.


But come to think of it, what this lady said is nothing new.


I have heard this so many times already.


Women speak about not allowing their husbands to bathe their daughters all the time.


We have always heard versions of this thing in different guises.


You know how men cannot help it when they are overcome with sexual desires.


So we, the women, have to help them by dressing less sexy, wearing shorts under the dresses of 3-year-olds and even banning them from giving our girls a bath.


The myth of the uncontrollable sexual urge of a man is something that needs to be incinerated.


It is a myth. I tell you.



At the sight of panties, even on babies, men are supposedly irreversibly turned on and once that light has been switched on, there is nothing they can do about it.


And guess what is the best part for the men in all of these?


No one holds them responsible for their ‘body no be wood’ life.


But a woman, on the other hand, cannot have ‘small sex’ without being labelled a prostitute or a slut.


No one applies the same uncontrollable sexual urge theory to women.


Women are supposed to control themselves.


They are women, for goodness sakes!


And what is the fallout of this?


A man cannot kiss his child innocently.


But a woman can.


A man cannot bathe his child.


A woman can.


We have created this thing that is so toxic that even men buy it.


My sons would attempt to kiss my husband on his mouth and he would offer his cheek.


I had to put a stop to it. They are your kids, I told him.


There is nothing sexual about this display of innocent affection.


Don’t stunt their emotional growth with baggage they are not aware of.


So he stopped.


Holy, holy, women!


Women cannot be paedophiles right?


There must be some scientific paper supporting this somewhere.


Only men are sexual molesters.


This is a fact, right?


See, the day men begin to talk about the things they have been through without fear of stigmatization (because you are soft when you are a male victim), then we will realise that women can be just as bad as men.

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Men don’t talk. Boys hide.


But the bottom line in all this is that just seeing a child’s vagina is not sufficient for a man to turn into a paedophile.


Unless he is a paedophile already, the chances of your turning your husband into one by letting him give your daughter a bath are zero.


We know that men are scum but this sort of scum is not an every man thing.


In fact, studies have shown that something altered in the brain of paedophiles is connected to their proclivity.


(Putting it as simple as possible).

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But no one wants to talk about this.


The wiring is different.


Same with serial killers.


Same with people that are gay.


And with people who are transgender.


People are made differently. Whether their particular circuit is acceptable to society or not is the crux.


Paedophiles will never be accepted. I just hope there is some research that can rewire their sexuality.


If you read and carry this paragraph and burst a vein on it trying to outline the different isms, phobias and bigotry my cis gender and heterosexuality is suffering from, you are wasting your time.


I have no aim at ever hosting AMCVA… you will talk and move on tomorrow.


So ladies, if you don’t want your child to be molested by your husband, make sure you are not married to a paedophile.


Because if you are married to one that has a taste for incest as well, be rest assured that bath time is not the only time he will have alone with the child.


Protecting little girls is a difficult job.

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It is easier if you don’t marry or date sexual predators.


Or, once you have a suspicion, you simply leave.

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