Hospital blues: Some days are like that – Emeka Nwolisa

Hospital blues: Some days are like that – Emeka Nwolisa


Working in a hospital sure has its peculiarities. You remain an emotional freak until you learn to manage the diversities of scenarios in the hospital. Until you achieve that state, your lots will be  a roller coaster of emotions.

One moment the exhalation of a life saved and the other moment, the gloom of a life lost. But then, work must go on.

Today, we would look at some interesting times. On clinic days, I get asked questions that range from the mundane to the absurd. Indeed, the questions are often multi-dimensional and to describe some as controversial is an understatement.

Equally important, here are samples

Must my baby look like my husband?

Why is my baby SS while my husband is AA and I am AS?

Does my baby suck semen from my breast if I sleep with my husband?

Is my baby’s penis big enough?

What drugs should my baby be on routinely?


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Hospital blues: Some days are like that - Emeka Nwolisa





Wondering what my answers were? Sorry oh… not all questions have answers. For those that have, not all answers are expedient. Like they say, silence is golden while speech is silver.  I often chose to be golden..abi who no like gold.

What of the things I hear on this job in the hospital?

A mother comes in and goes:

“Doctor…my baby’s stomach is dirty…”

Me: “Why do you feel so?”

“Aaaaah…. he farts too often and they are usually so foul-smelling that you would think it was done by an adult who has been eating only beans for days. In addition, his poo is also so foul swelling”.

Me: “Oh oh…what do you want me to do?”

” Give him drugs that would cause diarrhea so that his stomach can be cleansed.”


Indeed, the client is always right, management experts tell you at trainings…Not so? But truth be said…. In this scenario, the client or customer cannot be right. Definitely not.


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Some days, I have also had to spend time teaching at the hospital.

  • That Sprite drink mixed with salt is not ORS
  • That adding sugar to sweeten baby’s pap will not cause diarrhoea or diabetes
  • That instilling breast milk into the eyes is not a cure for conjunctivitis
  • That epilepsy is not contagious
  • That you don’t have to force a spoon into the mouth of a convulsing child
  • That  the swollen breast of a new-born baby should not be squeezed
  • That Kerosene should not be stored at home in a similar container as that in which water is stored.
  • That palm kernel oil is not a treatment option for convulsion
  • That you don’t have to coat the diamond-shaped depression (Anterior fontannelle) on the skull of the child with herbal paste to prevent air from entering the brain
  • That lying down to breast feed baby would not cause ear infection.
  • That burning the feet of a convulsion child to exorcise the demon causing it is a form of child abuse
  • That circumcision is only for male babies and not females



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Well all said and done…I enjoy my job.


Monkey no fine but the mama like am so.


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