House Of Reps Members Sponsor Bill To Scrap Presidential System

House Of Reps Members Sponsor Bill To Scrap Presidential System

A caucus made up of members of the House of Reps have sponsored a bill seeking to introduce the parliamentary system of government.

The House of Reps caucus led by Nicholas Ossai from Delta State has 71 members. The bill was introduced to the House of Reps on Thursday, December 13th 2018.

Nigeria currently practices the Presidential system of government. Before independence and before the 15 January 1966 coup, the country used to run the parliamentary system.

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The 71 lawmakers said the parliamentary system of government will help achieve economic growth and development in the country. They said this while addressing journalists.

“Studies have shown that countries run by presidential regimes consistently produce lower output growth, higher and more volatile inflation and greater income inequality relative to those under parliamentary ones.

“Presidential regimes consistently produce less favourable macroeconomic outcomes which prevail in a wide range of circumstances, for example, in Nigeria.

“Due to the excessive powers domiciled to one man under the presidential system, consensus-building that is often required for economic decision is always lacking.

“The level of liability and volatility of presidential system makes it difficult to achieve economic objectives.”

They also argued that parliamentary systems promote inclusion and collectiveness “which is critical to equality of income distribution and opportunities.”

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    Good morning, the idea of a parliamentary system is not a bad one but I have no faith in the current National assembly as constituted.They seem to serve only their interest, have passed a referendum amongst their constituents to see if they buy into this idea. They ,the National assembly, remain the weakest link in this Government.


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