House opens impeachment probe of President Biden

House opens impeachment probe of President Biden

Republicans in the US House voted on Thursday to begin the procedures that may result in Joe Biden’s impeachment, as far-right conservatives attempted to grab control of the party and intensify their dispute with the US president.

The 80-year-old Democrat is accused of “abuse of power” and “dereliction of duty” in a resolution that was referred to the judiciary and homeland security committees by the Republican-controlled House of Representatives on a party-line vote.

Republicans charge Biden with failing to manage immigration, resulting in a “complete and total invasion” of the nation and the “surrender of operational control” of the US-Mexico border to “foreign, criminal cartels”.

Democrats claim that the Republicans are merely diverting attention away from the ex-president Donald Trump’s mounting legal problems. Trump is accused of more than 70 felonies including financial fraud, mishandling classified information, and impeding law enforcement.

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After an investigation into his finances, Hunter Biden, the vice president’s son, has agreed to plead guilty to federal tax evasion charges. However, the president himself has never been implicated in any wrongdoing, according to detractors.

The Senate’s 100 members would conduct a “trial” if the House were to impeach the president, which is the political equivalent of a criminal charge. A two-thirds majority vote in the Senate is required to remove the president.

Trump, who was impeached twice, is among three presidents to face the rebuke, although he was shielded from conviction by Republican allies in the Senate on both occasions.


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