How Davido and his N1million challenge “scattered” Psquare’s re-union – Peju Akande

How Davido and his N1million challenge “scattered” Psquare’s re-union – Peju Akande




I love PSquare and was gutted when they split. But then again, I follow Davido and was thrilled over his N250million gift to orphanages nationwide.



But let me start from here.



Like I’ve said before, the much I know about Davido is all I have gleaned online!



I have observed that Davido is a giver. He is always giving out money, advice, time, and talking to many of his fans online. Oh yeah, he has his faults, all the babies and their mamas and all…But hey, give the young man a break! There’s Kwam1 with 40 kids littered across the globe!



Back to Davido…



This hard-working young man could have been lazy; faffing around and spending daddy’s money; yet he is busy making hit after hit after hit! So, when he posted that challenge to his friends, I knew it couldn’t be for him to clear any Rolls Royce for his birthday. Nah!


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How Davido and his N1million challenge "scattered" Psquare’s re-union – Peju Akande



He didn’t need money from friends to do that. Worst case scenario, he could’ve asked his dad for that money…assuming he truly didn’t have it. But he showed us that he does not just have the money; he truly wanted to give it all out, plus a chunk of his own too.



His friends, fans and colleagues contributed some N200million. He gave N50million from his own pocket, then set up a committee of diverse ethnic groups in Nigeria to distribute the money and give a public account of the distribution!



I’m clapping in admiration of this young man.



This smart, intelligent and highly commendable act of generosity displayed by Davido has so far been unrivalled. Everyone who had openly admonished Davido for asking his friends for money shut their traps (the ones who had shame o.)



The others were still yapping nonsense. Even when they realized Davido wasn’t going to splurge but giving it all out…Now they are saying, he should have done more in one area or another…You can’t please people.


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Anyway, while the uproar of the millions swelling Davido’s account was going on; the beloved twins of the defunct PSquare fame came back together again after five years of being apart!



It was the best news of the day…Only that we were too busy counting Davido’s millions for him to pay much attention. We were busy pointing fingers at those who gave him money (Davido shared the list and amounts given). We were busy wondering why XYZ gave so much and yet didn’t give to indigent students in his/her community…(did I not say you can’t please people?)



So, I’m guessing, in order to turn our faces and ears to their (ground-shaking) reunion; PSquare challenged fans to give towards their birthdays and rival that of Davido’s.



Much as I celebrated their reunion (I was thankful they finally had come to their good senses and reunited again) I wondered why they had to say that?



How Davido and his N1million challenge "scattered" Psquare’s re-union – Peju Akande


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Aww crap, boys, come on!



I love the duo like mad. But I honestly wish they had done their thing separately; even if they also planned to give out funds received, which I kind of doubt (Could also be me not knowing about them giving out in the past as a group. Still, nothing obligates them).



Anyway, some fans had no problems putting them right with unkind responses which I will not rehash. To date, I’m not even sure they have raised up to N2million.



C’est la vie.

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