How do you solve the road accident problem in Lagos? – Ella Temisan

How do you solve the road accident problem in Lagos? – Ella Temisan


There was a dead person around the 4th roundabout on Lekki-Epe Expressway this week.


Initially, I thought it was a victim of the recent cult clashes around the axis because some weeks ago, we woke up to news of corpses, some beheaded and left along the road.


But it wasn’t a cult clash. It was a hit and run.


Some people said the victim was riding a bike by the side of the road, others said he was trying to cross to the other side of the expressway when a car hit him and left him for dead.


Two hours later, the body was still there when we passed.


This isn’t the first time I have seen a corpse along Lagos roads. There was a time a body was left there for about two days before relevant authorities decided to take it away. There is so much to say about the dignity of the human body even in death, and why such things shouldn’t even happen in one of Africa’s biggest city, but that is a story for another day.


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Today, I want to talk about accidents on Lagos roads and our emergency services.


We often joke that drivers in Lagos need psychological tests, because so many are raving mad. From danfo drivers, keke, okada, BRT to private car owners, most drivers in Lagos are not normal. Even with the presence of LASTMA and traffic policemen, it is still


How do you solve the road accident problem in Lagos? - Ella Temisan


l all a madness. Sometimes, the madness is from the traffic wardens themselves.


I really don’t understand why Lagos drivers act like the traffic light turning red is an end to their destiny. They are so impatient, they can see the light has turned red but no, they want to zoom past. I heard that is how the person who died was killed.


He assumed the light was red meant he could cross, and the person rushing to God-knows-where didn’t see him. A life is gone. No consequences. Someone’s son, friend, uncle, brother is gone.


But as we blame drivers, let’s also look at pedestrians.


Since you know that Lagos drivers are mad, why are you in a hurry to cross an expressway?

Especially one as wide as Lekki-Epe?

Also why do people prefer to cross roads even when there’s a pedestrian bridge close by?

Especially during the day?


How do you solve the road accident problem in Lagos? - Ella Temisan


Use the bridge. But so many people, me included, are afraid of pedestrian bridges. Some of these pedestrian bridges are dangerous especially at night. So many people have been robbed and raped on pedestrian bridges at night too (Sigh).


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How do you solve a problem like Lagos?

What are we going to do about this open flaunting of traffic laws and killing of people along the road like chickens? Is there no value for human life in Lagos? Me, I have no answers. If you do, please leave comments for us.


Thank you.


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Lilian Osigwe

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