MC Lively: How my ex blackmailed me with fake pregnancy in 2021

MC Lively: How my ex blackmailed me with fake pregnancy in 2021

Nigerian comedian MC Lively described how his former girlfriend used pregnancy as a form of blackmail.

The entertainer, in an interview with Chude Jideonwo, spoke about a 2021 pregnancy controversy involving him.

In 2021, rumors appeared that MC Lively had cheated on his partner, age 21; conceived a child, and then dumped her. It was claimed that the comedian pressured her into having an abortion and then dumped her afterward.

Although social media users posted screenshots of their conversation about it, little is known about the situation.

Lively claimed in his most recent interview that the incident was a ploy his ex employed to steal money from him at the time.

MC Lively said the lady who he had known for years blackmailed him; because he couldn’t help her with her rent.

The comedian said she had lured him to meet with her for sexual intercourse and falsely claimed to be pregnant.

“She always wants a sexual relationship. I didn’t want that. However, I saw something in her. I like music a lot and I’m drawn to people who can sing. So, she called me and said she wanted help paying her house rent,” he said.

“I think the money was N800,000. I didn’t have that, so I ignored it. Some time elapsed, and she called, saying she is on the Island and wanted us to hang out. We did. It went down. Three weeks later, she said she was pregnant.”

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Lively said the mistake he made when she told him she was pregnant was believing her and not asking for proof.

“On Monday, I saw a long text saying, ‘you know I have all the messages, voice notes, and videos. I’m going to post this if you don’t answer.’

“I then replied, ‘wow, so this was your plan all along. I’m disappointed and I’m not scared. if you want to post it anywhere, go and post it.’

“I didn’t think it was blackmail. I thought she throwing tantrums but, there and then, I realised there was no pregnancy from the start. And she was just trying to squeeze out the N800,000 that she wanted for the rent.”


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