How to avoid foggy glasses while you wear a mask

How to avoid foggy glasses while you wear a mask

MASK: Don’t you just hate it when your glasses get foggy? We know! it can be really upsetting. And it happens more often when you have your face mask on? Yes, we know that too.

It can be really exhausting and inconvenient to have to take your glasses off all the time just because you’re breathing through your mask.

Why are my glasses foggy?

The heat exerting from your body and airflow can cause your glasses to get foggy. This information is gotten from Shannen Knight an optician.

If you haven’t noticed, when you have on a mask, you consistently breath out warm air. That’s when you notice that your glasses get steamy. When that happens, it’s hard to see through your glasses in that moment.

You can refer to that as the misting of lenses.

When the warm water vapor from your mouth/breath lands on your lenses, it produces droplets that scatter light and reduces the ability for the lens to transmit contrast.

How to prevent my glasses form getting foggy

  1. Wash your lenses with soapy water

washing the lenses of your glasses and shaking off the excess moisture thereafter airing it to dry and cleaning it afterwards with a microfiber cloth can help.

2. Make sure your mask fits well

If your mask does’t have a good grip on your face it makes it easier for you to get foggy glasses. If it mask is properly fitted, it automatically controls the amount of warm air that touches the lenses.

3. Try breathing downwards

Us asking you to try breathing downwards seems a little awkward right? It works you know. How do you do it? Hold your upper lip over your lower lip, then blow downwards. act like your playing a clarinet.

4. Try adjusting your glasses

Putting your glasses a little further away, so the frames don’t sit too close to your face can also help. The warm air would escape easily rather than settling on your lens.

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