How to avoid unnecessary eating habits while in lockdown

How to avoid unnecessary eating habits while in lockdown

Prior to the Coronavirus lockdown, many of us were able to control our eating habits; but now, it is a different game entirely. While many of us are home due to the outbreak; it can be difficult to maintain healthy eating habits.

This, however, can lead to stress eating, that is, consuming food in response to your feelings, especially when you are not hungry.

But, there are tips you can put to good use during this period:


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Have a healthy meal plan

Just because you are stuck at home doesn’t mean you should change your normal eating schedule. If you’re used to having three meals a day, try to continue that schedule while you’re working from home. The same goes for if you typically consume only two meals and a snack, or whichever suits you.

Though it’s easy to stray from your normal dietary pattern when your day-to-day schedule gets disrupted, it’s important to maintain some level of normalcy when it comes to eating. Try to maintain a regular eating pattern based on your individual needs and your preferred eating times.

If you’re really thrown off and find yourself constantly snacking, try making a schedule that includes at least two solid meals per day and following it until you feel that you have become comfortably consistent with your eating habits.


Do not exceed your regular portion

Don’t be afraid to eat snacks and any of your favourite ‘comfort food’; but while you indulge, do so in moderation. Snacks can provide a boost of nourishment throughout the day; and comfort food can make you and your family feel good during these trying times.

It’s common for people to snack on foods directly from the containers; in which they were sold, which may lead to overeating.

For example, grabbing a pint of ice cream from the freezer and eating directly from the container; rather than doling out a single portion of a dish may cause you to eat more than you intended.

To combat this, practice portion control by serving yourself a single portion of food; rather than eating out of larger containers.




Avoid excess intake of alcohol

While a glass of wine or a tasty cocktail can be a relaxing way to unwind; keep in mind that alcohol lowers your inhibitions, increases appetite, and may increase the chances of overeating.

Plus, drinking too much alcohol harms your health in a number of ways; and can lead to dependence issues. Endeavor to stick to one drink per day or less for women; and two or fewer drinks per day for men.


Get hydrated all the time with water

Being stuck at home gives you more time to focus on a lot of things including healthy habits; such as drinking enough fluids. Maintaining proper hydration is important for overall health; and may help you prevent overeating related to stress.

Study shows an association between chronic dehydration and an elevated risk of obesity, according to Healthline. Plus, getting dehydrated can lead to alterations in mood; attention, and energy levels, which can also affect your eating habits.

However, in order to combat dehydration, add a few slices of fresh fruit to your water to boost its flavor; which may help you drink more water throughout the day without adding a significant amount of sugar or the number of calories to your diet.

Source: Healthline

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