How to get a second Citizenship Passport while in Nigeria

How to get a second Citizenship Passport while in Nigeria

Like Pastor Paul Adefarasin asked Nigerians few months back, “Do you have a PLAN B?” Of course, in times like this, a second Citizenship Passport that guarantees you VISA-FREE travel to over 170 countries is not a bad idea.


However, securing this second citizenship as a Nigerian is often a very difficult process that leaves many applicants frustrated. However, there is good news now. This herculean task is one that has been made very simple by Canaan Immigration, the immigration unit of Canaan Nominees Ltd.


One may wonder how this is possible.


Canaan Immigration is a subsidiary of Canaan Nominees, established in 1994 with the corporate idea of quick, efficient and cost-effective business solutions to Nigerian and non-Nigerian communities for the overall benefit of the economy. The firm has established full-scale offices in South-west axis in Ikoyi, Lagos and also in FCT Abuja; in order to ensure easy access to immigration services for Nigerians.


Furthermore, Canaan Immigration simplifies emigration laws which enables clients to understand the various options available to them; before making a decision on any choice country. Among these high-in-demand countries are; Dominica Republic, Grenada, St. Kitts and Nevis, Vanuatu, Canada, St. Lucia, Antigua and Barbuda. Canaan Immigration works with other top foreign immigration law firms; including Citizenship by Investment consultants and Authorized Government Agents around the world to help clients achieve these lofty goals.


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The agency has also won the trust of a number of high net-worth individuals in search of a reliable platform to handle their family immigration needs.


Why work with this Canaan Immigration?


The benefits of leveraging the competencies of Canaan Immigration are numerous.


If you are looking for business expansion abroad, improved family future security or just an ardent lover of global travel and tourism; then you are assured fulfilment on this sojourn.




One of the benefits is the ease of achieving your objective of securing a second Citizenship Passport; despite increased competitiveness occasioned by a rise in the ranks of prospective immigrants. Expressions of interest in either passports or residency rights from Nigerians have jumped in recent years to more than 1,000 in the first quarter of 2020 from about 750 in 2019.


Nigeria, the largest economy and biggest crude oil producer in Africa, has more than 700 people with a net worth greater than $30 million. This figure is forecast to grow by 13% in the next five years, Knight Frank’s 2020 Wealth Report estimates. Indeed, Nigeria has a community of wealthy individuals who cannot travel without a visa. That reality is best captured by the weakness of Nigeria’s international passport. In fact, Nigerian passport holders can visit two fewer countries now than they could in 2010; without first obtaining a visa. The country also suffered the worst decline in passport power over the past decade.


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With offices in the two major Nigerian cities, Nigerians with aspirations to emigrate to Western countries with the aim of acquiring a second Citizenship Passport can do that with minimal hassles through Canaan Immigration offer.


Equally important, the Citizenship-by-Investment (CBI) programs offers client the opportunity to legally acquire a new nationality; as well as an alternative or second passport quickly (within 30 to 90 days) and simply; without major disruptions to the client’s life. This comes with an advantage of travelling VISA-FREE to over 170 countries. The process is considerably faster and more straightforward than traditional cumbersome visa application immigration procedures.


However, some Nigerians keen to explore these offerings may have no plans to relocate yet. Instead, they want to have access to greater options whether for last-minute business travel or educating their children abroad.


Second advantage on this investment is Tax Incentives.


Investing in any of the above-mentioned foreign citizenship is not illegal for Nigerians. But the issue of wealthy citizens moving their assets overseas is a thorny one in Nigeria; where about $15bn is lost to tax evasion every year, according to the Federal Inland Revenue Service.


Much of that money finds its way to the Caribbean; as was highlighted in the leaked documents that formed part of the Panama Papers in 2016.


The tax benefits of overseas citizenship are undoubtedly attractive. Citizens can become tax residents of countries like Dominica, where there is no wealth or inheritance tax; or Grenada which offers “corporate tax incentives”. In Europe, Malta has long been courting hedge funds with its light-touch regulations.


The loss of wealth from Nigeria has severe implications for levels of employment in the country. With wealthy business people investing their capital outside Nigeria rather than in it; there is less funding for local businesses or government projects which might otherwise generate employment. This, in turn, is causing poorer Nigerians to want to move overseas as well, in search of better work opportunities; a trend backed up by the findings of a 2018 survey by Afrobarometer, the data analysis group.


Through Canaan Immigration, a growing number of satisfied high net-worth clients have achieved their aim of securing a second Citizenship Passport; affording them the opportunity of living fuller, richer lives.


This has become very popular amongst wealthy Nigerians seeking avenues and safe havens to invest their money. They go for this second citizenship and residency most times for mobility, and not necessarily for relocation. They do not want to be restricted from the foreign investment benefits too.


You might want to check their simplified breakdown of this opportunity on


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